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November 19, 2010

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Bill Starr explains how you can use special drills and movements to fine-tune your snatch and break your PR.

Performing a full squat snatch precisely is certainly one of the most satisfying experiences in all of strength training. When everything hits just right, the bar seems to have a mind all its own and floats overhead smoothly, allowing plenty of time for the athlete to move under it and lock it out effortlessly as it falls right into the proper slot.

The full snatch is the ultimate high-skill movement. It requires a large dose of several athletic attributes—coordination, timing, balance, foot speed and concentration—in order to be successful with a maximum attempt. Full snatches are a great exercise for athletes in every sport imaginable. As the athlete becomes more adept in doing full snatches, the skills needed to do the lift correctly and with demanding poundages are instantly converted to every sport under the sun.

This article is based upon the assumption that you followed the advice I presented in Learning How to Do Full Snatches in January 2010 and are now able to do full squat snatches using at least adequate form. Having done full snatches for a few months, you should be ready for some ideas on how to move the lift to a higher level.

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Tom Seryak wrote …

Great advice Bill! i would love to see some small video clips attached to your articles to see a visual of the movements, particularly the snatch throw...


wrote …

really great info

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