California Road Trip: Part 3

By Sevan Matossian

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November 17, 2010

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Join an all-star cast on a classic CrossFit road trip as Dave Castro, Sevan Matossian and Rob Orlando embark on a tour of California. But this trip isn’t for traditional sightseeing. The sights along this journey are barbells and top competitors as the group moves north one workout at a time.

In Part 3, the group continues its workout at Valley CrossFit with elite competitors Kristan Clever, Michael Latch, Max Fernandez, David Millar, Rebecca Voigt, J.C. Nessa, Jeremy Kinnick and others. Their challenge is a chipper of 100-plus-lb. kettlebell swings, double-unders, dolly walks, body-weight split jerks and bear crawls—a package Dave Lipson describes as a workout to fry the central nervous system. Post-workout, Rob Orlando says, “Everything hurts right now, including my pride.”

After some lunch, more van “boy talk” and a bit of recovery, the group hits CrossFit Inferno for its third workout of the day. Lipson practices some Pose running and comedy as the crew prepares to work out with Bill Grundler of CrossFit Inferno.

Before CrossFit, Grundler had reached a plateau where he was stronger than most of his co-workers, but he still wanted more.

“I wanted to be good at everything,” he says. “That's when I read ‘What Is Fitness?’”

Even though the transition wasn't instantaneous, Grundler came around and hasn't looked back.

17min 19sec

Additional reading: What Is Fitness? by Greg Glassman, published Oct. 1, 2002.

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11 Comments on “California Road Trip: Part 3”


wrote …

A day early! awesome work Sevan!


wrote …

This Lipson dude is a character! More of him please!


wrote …

Who is the hottest crossfit guy?? haha Lipson is hilarious.


Bryce Greenstein wrote …

The Dave Lipson Show, awesome!


wrote …

Dave Castro is awesome too =)


wrote …

Love the videos, keep them coming!


wrote …

thoroughly enjoying this series thanx


wrote …

This is an awesome series.

Question. How did Dave Lipson and Rob get so strong? I want.


wrote …

I love Orlando's expression when Lipson is talking about who has the hottest body lol


wrote …

Great stuff! Can't wait for the next part.


wrote …

What a waste of space and time. Thank God for people like Rob and Dave for being able to know who they are without counting how many Facebook friends they have! Where would you be without the luxury of modern technology (perhaps lonely or lost)?

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