California Road Trip: Part 4

By Sevan Matossian

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November 18, 2010

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Join an all-star cast on a classic CrossFit road trip as Dave Castro, Sevan Matossian and Rob Orlando embark on a tour of California. But this trip isn’t for traditional sightseeing. The sights along this journey are barbells and top competitors as the group moves north one workout at a time.

In Part 4, the workout is underway at CrossFit Inferno. Three rounds of “a bunch of 135-lb. snatches and 40-inch box jumps” are just the appetizer for a class full of athletes including Orlando, Castro, Dave Lipson, David Millar and Bill Grundler. After a short rest, it’s on to sprinting and power cleans every minute and a half for 6 rounds. Find out who dominates the high box jump.

According to Orlando, he really “woke up in those last two workouts,” completely changing his mindset from “survive the next three or four days to demolish the next three or four days.”

Tired, but not quite completely exhausted, the crew parties on the beach with CrossFitter and swimmer Erin Phenix, who won gold in the women’s 4 x 100 freestyle relay at the 2000 Summer Olympics. Learn more about her Olympic experience and what CrossFit has helped her achieve.

After another van ride and more “Facebooking” the next day, the group meets up with John Hackleman, founder of CrossPit, for “The Orlando,” a workout right up the alley for the strongman from the East Coast.

17min 07sec

Additional reading: CrossPit Basics by Tony Budding, published April 1, 2006.

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10 Comments on “California Road Trip: Part 4 ”


wrote …

My god Dave Lipson is funny.


wrote …

Another excellent one, Sevan.

FYI >> The swimmer, Erin Phenix.


wrote …

Sevan, Bringing crossfitters the inside scoop is one thing, but cock-blocking Dave is crossing the line...


wrote …

How can I get invited to go on a road trip with these guys?
Must be nice to just drive around, workout, drink on the beach and do it again the next day.


wrote …

I've been following each of these. Now I really can't wait to see Dave roll. Strength versus superior technique is always a fun experiment. Maybe that's not good for Dave, but it makes for great video.


wrote …

Dave Lipson just catapulted himself way high on my list of CFers I would love to hang out with. He's way to funny.

I wonder if I facebook him, if he would accept my friend request... :P


wrote …

Dave Lipson is cracking me up! I am going to friend him on Facebook right now.


wrote …

Dave Lipson is fucking hilarious. If he doesn't qualify for the games next year please put him in the commentator booth.


replied to comment from Dustin Crosby

I agree, get Dave L in the commentary booth. Funny, funny man!


wrote …

I'm going to add Dave L on facebook just because of these videos. He's fuckin' awesome.

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