California Road Trip: Part 5

By Sevan Matossian

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November 19, 2010

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Join an all-star cast on a classic CrossFit road trip as Dave Castro, Sevan Matossian and Rob Orlando embark on a tour of California. But this trip isn’t for traditional sightseeing. The sights along this journey are barbells and top competitors as the group moves north one workout at a time.

In Part 5, the crew starts the day with John Hackleman, founder of CrossPit, a unique blending of CrossFit with Hackleman’s mixed-martial-arts and fitness training program. Their workout is dubbed “The Orlando” and consists of a 500-lb. wheelbarrow walk, 100 double-unders, 100 sledgehammer swings and a “D-ball mile.” Dave Millar of CrossFit Marina and Bill Grundler of CrossFit Inferno join Orlando and Dave Lipson for this grueling challenge at Hackleman’s home.

Next up: The Cage, where the group spars with Hackleman’s crew. According to Lipson, “I don’t think I’ve ever thrown a punch, but I’ve been hit.” Violence is definitely on the menu today.

Off to a bruising start to the day, they move on to lunch and discuss shared box-jump strategy. Then, it’s a long haul to CrossFit Salinas Valley. Apparently the day has only just begun … .

22min 19sec

Additional video: The Pit Fight Team by John Hackleman, published Aug. 16, 2010.

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13 Comments on “California Road Trip: Part 5”


wrote …

Saw the eye of the tiger in Dave Castro there.


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

HELLS YEA! Now that I know The PitMasta does curls I am in the clear, ha ha

Good shiz fellas, keep at it!



wrote …

Wow this so fun to watch. Brings back so many memories, as a 40 year old CF'er and skater (skateboarding) I can relate to traveling around and skating/(crossfitting) at different locals and with different people so much fun. Great to see alittle behind the scenes and thanks for showing your weaker side in the cage. Keep on truckin and have fun.
Nick Ranney


wrote …

Really really love this series!!!!
Sevan i love your films but this is the best! What makes it so great is that everyone is having fun and has a equall part in it!

I vote for Castro going on a nationwide Road Trip with Sevan and picking up Crossfitters from all over! Even better make it worldwide!

And nice moves by Castro in the cage.


wrote …

I'm amazed at how entertaining these have been. It reminds me of the movie The Endless Summer. But instead of surf they've got CF boxes. Great stuff fellas. And Castro had some impressive skills in the cage. Way to go DC!

I'd second that vote for the nationwide road trip.


wrote …

After the Games Video coverage, the Tahoe Throwdown, Roadtrip and SEALS preview, I vote for a CF Reality show of some kind.

Dave has had some full contact training, that's obvious.

Rob is a VERY well rounded athlete but his size and strength for his weight are constantly SHOCKING!


wrote …

"See how their tabata goes...." Priceless! This series is ridiculously enjoyable to watch, so witty and entertaining and amazing wods.
Sevan - you are the real deal!!!


replied to comment from Travis Rice

dave is a former seal


wrote …

yo what up


wrote …

I had an epiphany wachthing the clip about the "fat dog" incident.

We should expand to doing Crossfit Animal's. No Im serious. I can see it now. An extra segment to the CF Games with dog WOD's. Who down?!


Edwin Johnson wrote …

Awesome video. The WOD looked really fun and I would love to try something like that though it would take me a lot longer than it did them. I have heard some other combative athletes and trainers actually encourage curls, mainly because they train you to deal with and work through the burn of grappling.

On another note I wish Dave's allusion to "special people" who should "walk where they came from" was not said. I don't think he's a bad guy, people sometimes say ignorant stuff when they are frustrated, I certainly have.

Great video and I'm looking forward to watching the rest.


wrote …

Box jump etiquette.


wrote …

i thought fighting came natural to most people, i was wrong.

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