California Road Trip: Part 6

By Sevan Matossian

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November 20, 2010

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Join an all-star cast on a classic CrossFit road trip as Dave Castro, Sevan Matossian and Rob Orlando embark on a tour of California. Along the way, they’ve picked up Bill Grundler of CrossFit Inferno, David Millar of CrossFit Marina and Dave Lipson. The trip, however, isn’t for traditional sightseeing. The sights along this journey are barbells and top competitors as the group makes its way north one workout at a time.

In Part 6, the group reaches CrossFit Salinas Valley to hit its second CrossFit workout of the day. On the plate are GHD wall-balls, push-ups, overhead squats and pull-ups. It’s a fast-paced workout that all comes down to the pull-ups.

But his daily 450-plus back squat still awaits Lipson. He’s back squatting every day for a year in memory of fallen CrossFitter Amanda Miller, who lost her battle with melanoma at age 23. What is it like to back squat that weight every day?

“It’s very much just a mental aggression thing. I don’t think it’s a strength thing. You need to just mentally prepare yourself to bear a lot of weight,” Lipson says.

After more van-ride hilarity, the crew makes its way further up the coast to Monterey.

“This is an amazing trip,” Orlando says of the experience. “It’s just an honor and a privilege to be wrapped up in this whole thing.”

Find out more about the athletes through an introspective glimpse into their personal lives, including more than you ever wanted to know about Dave (Bug-a-Boo) Lipson.

15min 46sec

Additional reading: CrossFit Radio Episode 117 by Justin Judkins, originally aired April 28, 2010.

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7 Comments on “California Road Trip: Part 6”


wrote …

I vote yes for the uncut director's edition.
This series is awesome.


wrote …

This series is awesome!!! These guys all climb higher and higher on the cool scale, with every episode!! So funny! I wish I had been on this trip! But, I am a sissy, so they didn't invite me.


wrote …

Box jump, Bitch slap was rad...


wrote …

these videos are not only awesome but they are also HILARIOUS!!!!!


wrote …

i swear the only things these guys do is talk about


wrote …

The Road Trip and Tahoe series videos are great, keep em coming!

Its cool to see these guys out of their element in the ring and trying different sports.

I would like to see how these monsters would do in a powerlifting competition. Take Lipson, Orlando, Khalipa, and Speal.Pick a powerlifting meet and let them wear the bench shirts, squat suits if they want and see what kind of numbers they put up.A friend of mine use to compete and said that the equipment he wore would add sometimes 100 pounds to his bench and squat.Same idea for the girls also.Maybe Clever, Pamanian, Bergeron, Oldroyd?


wrote …

Love this video series. I hope there are twenty parts. The Lipson bitch slap was awesome. And the fact that the video ends with 4 of the fittest, toughest, etc. guys on the planet huddle around a laptop checking out facebook, wondering aloud which one of them is the hottest, makes it epic.

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