California Road Trip: Part 7

By Sevan Matossian

In Athletes, HD Videos

November 21, 2010

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Join an all-star cast on a classic CrossFit road trip as Dave Castro, Sevan Matossian and Rob Orlando embark on a tour of California. Along the way, they’ve picked up Bill Grundler of CrossFit Inferno, David Millar of CrossFit Marina and Dave Lipson. The trip, however, isn’t for traditional sightseeing. The sights along this journey are barbells and top competitors as the group makes its way north one workout at a time.

In Part 7, after some breakfast and more van-ride introspection, including some thoughts on Lipson’s stint as a fitness-show host on NBC, it’s on to The Ranch in Aromas, Calif. There, the group meets up with Jason Khalipa and Joey Warren. The competitors are in for three grueling workouts. The first is a sandbag-carry run up the notorious hillside along paths cut into the yellowed grass. After descending, the athletes perform bar muscle-ups and end with a final sprint back up and down the hillside.

But there’s no rest for the weary: the group still has two more workouts to go, and these athletes are sore and tired after days on the road.

“We’re riding that high and low, almost minute to minute within workouts now. It’s OK. It’s all part of the experience,” Orlando says.

Next, it’s on to some heavy lifting with a 2-rep-max overhead squat. Watch as some new PRs are set despite exhaustion. Finally, the group rounds out the day with a fast, heavy chipper including 155-lb. power cleans and 155-lb. thrusters, with some burpees, box jumps, handstand push-ups and wall-balls thrown in for good measure. The athletes compete against each other in two-person teams by region. Find out which squad takes the win.

According to Castro, “They’re just thoroughbreds going all day, and we’re just driving them.”

After another long day, the road trip is finally coming to a close.

“That is the roller-coaster ride that is CrossFit,” Lipson concludes.

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Additional video: The History of the CrossFit Games by Dave Castro, published July 14, 2010.

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73 Comments on “California Road Trip: Part 7”


wrote …

*leaving a note* :D


wrote …

Let's see the epilogue


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

This WOD seemed to be the deadliest of them all. The muscle ups, the run, the o lifts + conditioning.

I'm thinking some of these guys did Kokoro AFTER this entire trip? If so, that makes Kokoro completion and honor that much higher.

I also don't know if everyone knows Rob Orlando's age - for his age compared to many others, he is seriously kicking major ass!


wrote …

Great Trip.


wrote …

Epilogue video pleaseeeee!!! :P

Had a great time watching these videos. Hope more pop up in the future. :)


wrote …

Great series of videos. I can't seem to stop watching Dave Lipson getting pimp slapped over and over again.


Bryce Greenstein wrote …


Okay, we have the Zone Chronicles with Pat Sherwood, when can expect the Facebook Chronicles with Dave Lipson?


wrote …

The Road Trip was so full of win. Between this and Tahoe the bar has been significantly raised.


wrote …

What a great series guys. Lipson, how did things turn out with you and Joey? Xbox date??


wrote …

let's see the epilogue! And while I think Lipson is funny, the most hilarious comment in my opinion was made by Rob Orlando. "It's like there's no governor. . "
I may just have to get a facebook account after this, just so I can friend Lipson.


wrote …

lovin it fella's
this series and the throwdown have had me glued to the laptop between the crushing of wods, keep it comin, cant wait to see the sealfit vid.


wrote …

More Lipson!!!! please


wrote …

Rob with the 'gun to the head' motion while Lipson is reading is awesome.

Who else would watch a CrossFit Real World? Throw 8 of them in a house and just see what happens.


wrote …

Leave note here.


wrote …

Zombie :: human flesh
CFJ readers :: Epilogue

Currently logging on Facebook to friend Dave Lipson...


wrote …

This was great! Thanks for putting this all together! And can't wait for the epilogue video. Dave Lipson is the funniest Crossfitter out there. Gotta love facebook!


wrote …

Fucking awesome job with this series, Sevan. Keep it up.


wrote …

Awesome job on the video! Add one more vote for the epilogue....


wrote …

Epilogue video please.


wrote …

voting pro-epilogue


wrote …

Epilogue! Please


wrote …

Great Series. Would love to see these continued with other athletes as well!


wrote …

Let's see the epilogue


wrote …

solid job sevan. drop that epilogue already.

i think we're all hoping rob and big 2 get a series deal.


wrote …



wrote …

Castro was right. Theses guys r horses! Much respect!


wrote …

Trip ended too soon, more please


wrote …

Had meniscus surgery and have been laid up for the last 3 days. Thank God for these videos. I was bored out of my mind and they helped get me through 72 hours of facebooking and tv. Don't let it end. lets see what he wrote.


wrote …

Awesome videos! Definately one more vote for the epilogue! Dave Lipson is too funny!


wrote …

This was great I loved all 7 parts


wrote …

Like you even had to have us ask...

Epilogue please!


wrote …

Amazing footage. This was a lot like a reality TV show and it was an awesome experience. Great personalities, sick WODs, and hilarious characters! Thanks for putting this one together guys and I hope to see something like this in the future.


wrote …

Epi please. Supposed to get to the gym, but too enthralled with watching you guys work out. :)


wrote …

I am now facebook friend with dave lipson !! yay !!


wrote …

Best reality TV show Ever. Its like Survivor only completely different.
Its like if the tv shows different strokes and Knight rider had a baby that was a reality show this was IT!
Now pop out that EPI !


wrote …

Epilogue. Please and thank you


Iulian Musat wrote …

This was great! Thanks for the series and ... more please :) Oh, and the epilogue !


wrote …

Moving to so cal in 3 weeks def looking up Lipson. Funny ass dude. Rob your still a beast. Eastside rep!

Great series you guys raise the bar everytime. Lets document some of the female firebreathers on a road trip. Crossfit road rules great idea.

Epilogue? Yes please!


wrote …

This was an awesome, hilarious video series!!
Loved it!

Also, this is my vote for an epilogue video.


wrote …

Would be good to see the interaction between the top ladies of CF?


Brad Cogburn wrote …

What happened to road trip part six


wrote …



wrote …

This series of videos was full of WIN.
Post the epilogue!


wrote …

Awesone job Sevan epilogue please


wrote …

Great videos. These were fun to watch. Gave me something to do a work. Hope more things like this come about.


Daniel Carney wrote …

Epic series. One of my favorites. Epilogue please.


wrote …

Vids were sweet! Epilogue please!


wrote …

Great videos, Sevan! Epilogue and more... Did Lipson ever blow that Shofar?


wrote …

I want to see what Dave wrote...


wrote …

Loved the Cali trip! Lipson is hilarious! Now for the Ladies trip......????


wrote …

I agree with Stacey Gilmore. A women's trip would be very cool. But that's because I like seeing athletic females.

How about an outtakes reel?? Let's see the stuff that was left on the hard drive.


wrote …

This video series has been awesome! I'm sad it's over...Female's video next???

Let's see some outtakes!!


wrote …



wrote …

Please give us the epilogue!


wrote …

Awesome job on the series guys, Rob O is a beast and what can you say about Lipson funniest dude who can dead lift 600 plus out there...motivating videos to watch before you head out to the box. Huge respect to all you guys.


Bob Guere wrote …

I'm just a little hurt that they didn't stop by my garage gym on the way up the coast.


wrote …

Hahaha this video is jokes.


wrote …


Also, please turn this into a tv show and put it on AMC right before the walking dead. K bye.


wrote …

epilogue pls


replied to comment from Ricky Baylor

So are you, RB!
- dt.


wrote …

Awesome! Dave don't be so hard on yourself, you're a pretty guy too.


wrote …

Oh yeah and lets see the epilogue video.


wrote …

Great videos. Epilogue please!!!


wrote …

Post an epilogue!!!!! Awesome series of videos. I’m just bummed it’s over. An all girl trip? Definitely! You guys just keep raising the bar. Facebook is so entertaining and what a great networking tool. Dave is my FB friend and so is Rebecca. It only took a hour for her to accept me. Just saying.

Keep up the great performances. Love it.


wrote …

What a trip! Great laughs, great workouts, great venues! Loved watching the odessey!


wrote …


Great video's! Awesome workouts! Loved the pimp slaps and facebooks!


wrote …

We would all love to see an epic epilogue!


wrote …

Need epilogue please! This whole series was hilarious. Facebook addicts! Those bar muscleups from Warren were awesome.


wrote …

I need the epilogue.


wrote …

epilogue please!


wrote …

Epilogue posted on mainsite:



wrote …

yea so Dave, how did that facebook conversation go with Joey Warren, or did it happen?


wrote …

Awesome series .......facebook is key lol

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