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CrossFit Southie Opening by Amy Ferro and Chris Gosler - CrossFit Journal

CrossFit Southie Opening

By Amy Ferro and Chris Gosler

In Affiliation, Videos

November 30, 2010

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“I think a lot of people are unaware of CrossFit in the Northeast, especially in Boston, and we want to be a big part of promoting CrossFit and showing people what kind of results, fitness results, you can get through the CrossFit program,” says Chris Gosler, trainer at CrossFit Southie in Boston, Mass.

Once their one-on-one training had reached critical mass and the clients and coaches seemed ready for group classes, Gosler and Amy Ferro decided it was the right time to open a gym.

“We just looked around for a spot where this type of training wasn’t available, and we just went from there,” Gosler says.

But Ferro emphasizes that becoming an affiliate wasn’t easy. First, they had to find the space ideal to CrossFit, and then came insurance and affiliation paperwork. Equipment was next on the list, but they had already saved up enough money to buy what they needed. Unforeseen difficulties with their lease, renovations and permits added stress and pushed back their opening date.

“For a while, it looked like we were never going to open,” Ferro says.

Ferro and Gosler have some advice to share with future gym owners. Ferro suggests to start the process off by being financially secure.

“If you don’t have the money to support yourself … you could actually really find yourself in a lot of debt,” she cautions. “It’s not like it’s this instantly profitable business.”

“Once you’re up and running, people show up,” Gosler says. It just takes the initial investment and the time and effort to prepare for opening.

“You have to be invested, you have to love CrossFit, and you have to have enough time to put into it,” he says.

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Video by Again Faster.

Additional reading: Outfit Your Box: An Equipment Procurement Guide by Eddie Lugo, published Aug. 1, 2008.

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15 Comments on “CrossFit Southie Opening”


wrote …

Nice! I can't wait to check that out when I am in Boston!


wrote …

That looks like a great space. Well done. Good luck on your future! I agree with Glenn's comment above, your gym could be a nice destination spot for people on the road. Make sure you have some cool tee-shirts for the visitors to buy!


wrote …

Congrats you guys! Thank you for being so candid in your interview. I wish you all the success you wish for and more! Great logo btw!


wrote …

Great looking place,and great attitude aswell,all the best !


wrote …

Great Coaches, great box.


wrote …

Ditto Rast.


wrote …

Congrats and all the best!!


wrote …

Nice article Chris and Amy I enjoyed your honesty. Having gone through and still enduring the same trials and tribulations of starting up an affiliation from scatch I know what you guys are talking about. Great advice and really reinforces the need to totally believe in what you are selling, maintain a relentless attitude to never give up and possess a huge work ethic. You really do have to be committed from dawn to dusk. The one peice of advice that I would add is when you are able hire some really great coaches that will enable you to take some time out. I was lucky enough and it has helped me to actually expand and have a life out of crossfit. The old saying 'smart people hire smarter people is very true in my case'.


wrote …

Over the last few months I have become good friends with Amy and Chris, and there dedication to their coaching skills and training is one of the best I have seen in the CrossFit Community. I work out with Chris 4 times a week and is always a good person to be around. He pushed you to your limits, but is always there as a coach. Great Job Guys and Glad we have become close!

Vagabond CrossFit


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

Congrats Guys!!! Looks like a shaweeeeeeet pad no doubt!!!!

Keep kickin ass and get an intern in there so you can have an extra coach on staff not just you guys, you guys will need some time for yourselves to recover :)

We always tell our clients to rest and recover and sometimes we don't take our own advice

I got an intern the first week I opened, it was a smart move :)

Kick Ass :)



wrote …

Chris and Amy are always there, are always positive and are always delivering great classes. So psyched to see Crossfit Southie featured on the journal, they deserve it.


wrote …

These two people are encouraging, supportive, driven and above all caring and kind. They want to see all their clients succeed at whatever level they are at and then to go beyond that. Cheers to Amy and Chris and to their continued success!!!


wrote …

Amy! Goose! Keep up the great work! I am really happy for you two!


wrote …

CrossFit Southie would've never came to fruition without the tremendous amount of support our athletes and the CrossFit community provided us with. Thank you all very much!


wrote …

Great looking place! Best of luck to you guys!

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