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Planche Dips With Jeff Tucker by Jeff Tucker - CrossFit Journal

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November 25, 2010

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Keep your head up on the rings.

“Imagine Heather Locklear in a forest bathing under a nice waterfall or something like that,” Jeff Tucker says to a group of athletes at his Gymnastics Certification. Tucker, of course, is full of more colorful tips in this video on planche progressions using rings.

In the first video of this series, athletes worked from a push-up position. Continuing on that theme, the athletes take to the rings. From a steady support position, turn your hands out about 45 degrees and maintain balance. Try a dip in that position, maintaining the turnout. Now try to tuck your knees to your chest. You can also use extremely deep dips to build a muscle-up. Can you perform a deep dip with your hands turned out?

“Before we add a tougher movement to this, we want to make sure you’ve got good stability control,” Tucker says.

Rings force the athlete to maintain body control, so Tucker discusses careful spotting while athletes work up to the degree of strength and control necessary to perform these movements solo. Watch as athletes attending his certification use the ring progressions to work toward a planche and learn how you can develop your own skills on the rings.

10min 48sec

Video by Again Faster.

Additional reading: Got Rings? Now What? by Roger Harrell, published April 1, 2006.

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12 Comments on “Planche Dips With Jeff Tucker”


wrote …

Great stuff! Always something to learn from Tucker's videos!


wrote …

Heather Locklear, waterfall, forest..

Tucker, Whiskey, Tutu..aglllllllllllllllllllllllll


wrote …

So I just started feeling really good about my ring dips. Now Tucker whips out the planche dips and I'm like a baby on the rings again. I can't catch a break!


wrote …

Thatcher, my apologies... insert evil grin here! Glad you liked it.


wrote …

Im always thinking about different ways to help not only the mobility of a client, but also set them up for success, and thats what I got from your planche push up drill. it works nicely not just for planche work -but its a nice support exercise for RING DIPS and leading into MUSCLE UP work.

Thanks Tuck. Its the little obvious things that we sometimes forget!



wrote …

dusty, thanks for the kind words. i blush! ;)

seriously, you know as well coming from a gymnastic background that it all begins with basics and leads to other forms and levels of difficulty. what sometimes looks simple is not always the case, and basics will fool you sometimes... but you already knew that...

thanks brother,



wrote …

These videos are so great. Thank you Jeff for teaching me these things!


wrote …

Dane, our pleasure!


wrote …

Great instruction. Thanks!


wrote …

pat - your welcome... we spot differently but i will talk to about this soon enough... lol, all good in the eyes of god!

later brother!


Andrew Stemler wrote …

brilliant as always


wrote …

We just call these RingTurnOut dips. Kind of a more advanced version used by some.

Carl Paoli was doing a similar version on one PB rail called a "Korean" Dip which can be done in an under or over grip.

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