Analyzing the Big Men (105, 105+)

By Mike Burgener, Kendrick Farris and Tony Budding

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November 03, 2010

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The big men hit the platform on the last day of the CrossFit-USAW Open under the eyes of Coach Mike Burgener, elite American lifter Kendrick Farris and Tony Budding.

The class included Dave Lipson, a very strong athlete who’s been working with Coach B to improve his Oly technique. In spite of that work, Lipson was nursing an injury and wasn’t 100 percent.

Also on the platform was Spencer Hendel, a two-time Games athlete who posted the top total in the 105 class for the Oly half of the Open. Had Hendel dropped less than a half-kilo of body weight, he would have been in the 94-kg class. Matt Chan also lifted in this session, though he was able to make the weight to compete in the 94-kg class.

Topics for discussion by the experts include big men taking a narrow grip on the bar, power jerks, jerking from the fingertips and “double dipping.”

For complete results, visit the USAW website.

11min 43sec

Additional reading: Coaching Correct Technique in the Split Jerk by Bob Takano, published Aug. 31, 2010.

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