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December 31, 2010

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Join Brian Curley, the 2010 CrossFit Games Masters champion, as he discusses the background and training that led to his win.

Curley started with personal training by CrossFit New England’s Ben Bergeron, who introduced him to CrossFit. Curley admits the transition to CrossFit from more traditional working out was difficult for the more technical movements.

“The intensity, too, was something that was an interesting transition,” he says.

But the workouts kept him coming back for more.

“When you’re my age or even younger—once you get out of college and you’re an adult—it’s hard to find things that scratch that competitive itch,” Curley says. “You can be really competitive here without being obnoxious.”

His road to the 2010 Games started with the sectionals, and his training included CrossFit Endurance and working on his weaknesses. After a third-place finish as a masters athlete at his regional, Curley was on his way to the Games—and victory.

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Video by Again Faster.

Additional audio: CrossFit Radio Episode 147 by Justin Judkins, originally aired Nov. 24, 2010.

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30 Comments on “Brian Curley: 2010 Masters Champion”


wrote …

Yeah Big Bri! Cant wait to see you defend the title in 2011!

(ps. the phone isnt THAT small, my friend!)


wrote …

Wow, great interview with a true champion! There is no one at CFNE who gives it more in a workout - you earned that title through an increadible, unwavering dedication to the sport. Can't wait to train with you in 2011!


Dan Mielke wrote …

Very inspiring interview. Congrats to you sir..


wrote …

Thank you, Brian. I hit 40 in a couple of months, and you are right -- there is no age in CrossFit.


wrote …

Brian-you are a constant source of inspiration to me!! Congrats!!!


wrote …

Very well put. Keep all the movements in the masters category. Congrats to you sir. !!!


wrote …

Well done Brian, you are as much an inspiration to all of us as the Rob Orlando's and Chris Spealler's. Keep up the solid work!


Grace Patenaude wrote …

That's admirable! Congrats Brian!


wrote …

Great job at the games, Brian. you deserved it, strong finish! i agree with everything you said about the games. i look forward to competing with you again in 2011!


wrote …

Great competitor and (as I see now) a great person too!

About nobody telling him he won; I think that was a mistake from crossfit. Off course the final result isn't official until after the drug test, but at least they could have told him he finished first in the overall standings. Just my opinion.


Mark Houdlette wrote …

Having just entered the masters age bracket myself, it's ironic I have my first morning coffee of the new year watching this testimonial. What an inspiration Brian. Just what I needed to crank up my own personal motivation. Excellent effort.


Mark Houdlette wrote …

Having just entered the masters age bracket myself, it's ironic I have my first morning coffee of the new year watching this testimonial. What an inspiration Brian. Just what I needed to crank up my own personal motivation. Excellent effort.


wrote …

What a fantastic guy. Thanks for the insightful interview. Very nice work. I love the comment: "its a way to be competitive without being obnoxious." So true.


wrote …

Truly inspirational from the Masters Champion. Thank you Brian and all the athletes who will be ultimately known as the pioneers of competitive fitness for the ever young.


wrote …

Very Inspiring Brian!! I'm curious to know if you have had to deal with many injuries? As I get older (44) I'm finding myself having to work through a lot more injuries. You appear to be doing great in that area and I would love to hear any insights/secrets that you could share!



wrote …

Way to go Brian! Your testimony is very encouraging to this 61 year-old who in the past 3 days has had his butt handed to him from 3 guys called Nate, Murph, and Jack. Look froward to watching you in the 2011 Games!



wrote …

I got to meet and talk with Brian last week at CFNE. In person he is just as cool and down to earth as he appears in the video. He is a true champion. Brian, I wish you all the best in your training.



wrote …

Brian, you're a real inspiration! I'm glad Again Faster made this video about you!
Thank you and keep up the good work for 2011!


wrote …

As a 48 year old CrossFitter I can say you are an inspiration to guys like me. Glad you are part of the community. Keith Haddock


Steven Lobotsky wrote …

Brian ,you nailed the interview just like you nailed it at the Games.
It was great competing with you and the rest of over the hill gang.


wrote …


Great interview. It has been a privilege to train and compete against you. Look forward to going head to head in the Masters in 5 years.


wrote …

Great interview. Sage advice from a seasoned veteran.

We're very honored to be affiliated with Brian:


wrote …

Awesome Video Bri! I've never been prouder to tell people, "That guy kicks my ass at the gym!" than at the games this year. Can't wait to train hard with you again this year man, and thanks for cleaning up what I said to you in the tunnel...I'm sure there were some F-bombs in there!



wrote …

Brian, you are an inspiration to the rest of us who are trying to be fit after 50! I loved the video and your "no excuses" attitude about competition with the younger athletes. Congrats on winning the Masters competition last year and good luck in 2011!


wrote …

First class, all the way. It's great to see a humble champion. Congrats Brian!


wrote …


Congratulations on your HUGE accomplishment! Your interview was very encouraging to me as I will be 45 in March and wondered how other CrossFitters around my age were doing - how they might be approaching the challenges. I so appreciate your candid, genuine demeanor and your description of your experience. Thank you again for the inspiration you provided and Blessings to you in your endeavors!

Bob Hickman, San Diego


wrote …

AMAZING video!
I have more respect for the Masters competitors than I do for the younger athletes. I want to hear more from older, more mature athletes. So that we can learn from them on how to get old the correct way. Any one who does CrossFit is amazing, but these masters competitors are something else.


replied to comment from Brad Jones


Let me first say that I am not a trainer, nor am I medically trained - so, what I have to say on this subject are my opinion! (I will be thrilled if those more qualified than me can add their thoughts!) Also, I certainly have had my share of nagging tweaks and injuries, but at CrossFit New England we have an incredible community that includes a sports medicine doctor, a massage therapist, an orthopedic surgeon, and a couple of doctors. These people are not only outstanding in their fields, but they are just awesome people who are always willing to assist fellow CrossFitters in need. Hopefully your community has similar people. Anyway, as far as staying healthy and injury-free, here are my thoughts:

1. Form and technique are paramount, especially for Olympic lifts. Setting a PR is nice, but if you are consistently getting hurt, I would forget the PRs for a while and focus on perfecting your Crossfit movements. Not sure if you work out at a CF affiliate with a trainer but if so, he/she can help you with this (I am fortunate to have an unbelievable trainer, maybe the best on earth). Once your good form is burned into your muscle memory, you won't have to worry about PRs - they will come.

2. Nutrition - not sure where you are with this, but you need to go Paleo. No excuses, just do it. It makes a huge difference.

3. If you are like me (that is, a bit "older" and working for a living) you probably never have enough time for anything, but even so you will need some additional time to warm up before a WOD (I do some additional running, double-unders, rowing, squats followed by stretching), and some additional time to stretch afterwards (this is something that I struggle with, admittedly).

4. I highly recommend doing Kelly Starrett's Mobility WOD ( Again, it takes time but well worth it.

I hope this helps. Hope that you enjoy Crossfit as much as I do. Stay healthy, but breathe fire as well!


wrote …

What a great interview. This guy seems so down to earth it amazes me. What a great example of a Crossfitter.


wrote …

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