Burg’s Eye View No. 2

By Mike Burgener

In Olympic Lifts

December 08, 2010

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Coach Mike Burgener explains how Kristan Clever uses athleticism and raw aggression to overcome minor form breaks.

Reigning CrossFit Games champion Kristan Clever began the CrossFit-USAW Open with a miss that sent the barbell rolling off the platform toward the center judge. The SoCal athlete smiled, shrugged it off and went on to nail the 62-kg snatch on her next attempt before hitting 64 kg on her final attempt.

Starting with a miss can rattle an athlete, but Clever was mentally strong enough to come back and make the weight. According to Coach Mike Burgener, she’s also strong and tenacious enough to overcome a few form errors he found in her successful 64-kg lift. Once she irons out the kinks, the sky is the limit for a powerful athlete with a good streak of junkyard-dog aggression.

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6 Comments on “Burg’s Eye View No. 2”


wrote …

I always appreciate Coach B's articles or videos, just those alone are worth more than the 25$ for the CF Journal, keep em comming !!


wrote …

Great article and breakdown!


wrote …

Thanks, Coach B. That was a very helpful article. And great job at the competition, Kristan.


wrote …

I love the insight in this article, thanks Coach B


wrote …

It would be awesome to get analysis from Spealler, Matt Chan and Spencer Hendel's frame by frame lifts too !!


wrote …

omg i need to get down to Coach B's gym!
i've been paying attention to his analyses of other lifters;
hence recent 1rm snatch pr...
but i know i still have many technique flaws to fix and i wanna fix em!!

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