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CrossFit Endurance Swimming: Developing Streamline by Chris Michelmore and Brian Nabeta - CrossFit Journal

CrossFit Endurance Swimming: Developing Streamline

By Chris Michelmore and Brian Nabeta

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Join CrossFit Endurance swimming coaches Brian Nabeta and Chris Michelmore at De Anza College in Cupertino, Calif., as they apply their endurance specialty to swimming.

In this video, Michelmore and Nabeta drill the streamlined body position. According to Nabeta, as swimmers, we want a hollow-body position “to lengthen our spine out so that we can be in a more fish-like state.” He says the goal is to become “more elongated, which will make us more efficient.”

Michelmore and Nabeta coach the athletes through kicking drills emphasizing a tight core and open hip, then troubleshoot Dave Lipson’s swim position to help him stay afloat.

“Really commit to it: open yourself up, make yourselves as hollow as possible,” Michelmore says.

7min 22sec

Additional reading: Pukie at the Pool by Roy Wallack and Brian Nabeta, published April 18, 2009.

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5 Comments on “CrossFit Endurance Swimming: Developing Streamline”


wrote …

Really enjoying the addition of the swimming info


wrote …

.... there is going to be swimming at the 2011 games. I bet!


wrote …

Anyone who can not see swimming at this years games is in denial. How bad do you want it. Find a pool and get cranking.


wrote …

Hahaha! Smimming at the Games, hmmmm.. Methinks Dave Castro knows something about swimming... I agree, definite maybe!


wrote …

Wonder why they don't go ahead and teach the combat side stroke? As a navy diver and instructor I have taught this and found it to be more efficient and faster. Especially in the ocean.

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