Creating a Community at CrossFit Threshold

By Antony Graf, Elisha Voren and Chris Holt

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December 13, 2010

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CrossFit is more than just a workout program; it’s a community, a family. At CrossFit Threshold in Miami, Fla., they’ve developed their own community and family.

In this video, co-owners Antony Graf, Elisha Voren and Chris Holt tell their story of how they came together to start their CrossFit program. Graf and Voren are both Olympic-caliber athletes who met at the Olympic Training Center. Holt is a friend and architect who had battled health issues throughout his early life.

According to Holt, “All my doctors said the same thing: no weight training, no intensity. You’re going to be bound to yoga and Pilates for the rest of your life.”

Then Holt found CrossFit and started training on his own.

“Physically, I’m doing everything the doctors told me I wasn’t going to be able to do. And just seeing the benefits of my overall quality of life, it’s just infectious, and I want to spread this to everyone,” Holt says.

Voren also started on her own, then joined Holt in his CrossFit workouts. Both were hooked. They joined forces with Graf and started the road to opening their own CrossFit gym. Luckily, they had a martial-arts training program and a sports-performance program already in place to help fund their CrossFit program and draw clients.

“Now CrossFit is our baby. It’s our biggest program,” Voren says. “The thing I love about here is that I’m training the general population how I would train athletes, and I love that.”

“We create a community where everyone knows everyone by their first and last name. You know what they do. You know their hopes and their dreams and everything about them, and it really makes for a much more supportive atmosphere,” Holt says.

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Additional reading: Partnering With a Martial Arts Dojo by Matt Swift, published Dec. 1, 2007.

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23 Comments on “Creating a Community at CrossFit Threshold”


David Blumberg wrote …

Great Video. Great Affiliate.

Glad to see that the best affiliates are getting the recognition they so rightfully deserve. Keep it up.


David Blumberg
President & Founder
CrossFit UNC-CH


wrote …

Thanks David! We miss you down here brother. Douglas is doing great! Hope all is well. Stop by when you're in town. We'd love to see you.

Chris Holt


wrote …

CrossFit Threshold. Highly recommended. Chris, Elisha & Tony are some of the best around. Glad to see them exposed to our community. Great inspiration for all of us.

Chris & Meghan Russell
CrossFit JAX


wrote …

I have the pleasure of knowing all 3 of these amazing leaders personally. They are the epitome of what CrossFit is.....they live it and breath it. The Miami community is a healthier, fitter, and more positive community because of them.

Guido Trinidad
Peak 360 CrossFit


wrote …

Inspiring stuff!

off topic...where can I find those barbell racks in the background???


wrote …

Love it!!


wrote …

Great video. CF Threshold looks like it has an amazing community it has developed. How could people not respond to such passionate coaches? Keep up the good work.


wrote …

Thanks Pat. Coming from you, that means the world to us. If you're ever down in Miami again, please feel free to stop by! :-)


wrote …

Great Vid CFT!! Looking forward to meeting you guys at some point.
Keep up the great work!
Wish you continued growth and success!

Nick DiMatteo
CrossFit Off The Grid


replied to comment from Xi Xia

Those barbell racks were custom made. I designed them. Just find a welder and they should be able to fabricate something for you. Just give them the dimensions of the barbell and that should be enough.


replied to comment from Xi Xia

Sorry I was logged in under one of our trainers. For the barbell racks, I can send you detailed pictures if you'd like. Just shoot me an email at I designed them based off of the barbells we had.


wrote …

Great video! Congratulations on what you have built.

We started CrossFit PEI out of my Taekwondo school three years ago so I would love to compare notes on the combination of the two.

Mike Ives
Co-owner, CrossFit PEI


Douglas McClure wrote …

Great video! You guys are an awesome team! It was good to see everyone again. To this day your gym is run like no other I've seen. Anyone opening up a box needs to emulate Threshold! Always FUN, always PROFESSIONALS!


wrote …

Congrats to CFT! That's one of the best CF videos I've seen. I've known Antony & Lish for over a decade and they're the ones who got me started doing CrossFit. I'll never forget when I was on the fence of opening my affiliate that Antony told me to make it happen, and reminded me that you'll do whatever it takes to make it work.
He was completely right. I can't thank you guys enough.

Owner, CrossFit High Voltage
Burbank, CA


wrote …

This article is awesome!!!!


wrote …

What a fantastic story!
It's amazing to hear the background on how this comes together - Elisha and Antony, like they were preparing their whole lives for this, and Chris - who had everything he had trained and planned for, directing him away from this endeavor.
And yet they all came together and make something amazing!
Congrats all, and congrats you lucky bastards who are part of this community!


Vadim Noskov wrote …

Great job, guys!


James Byerly wrote …

Great story and inspiration! Thanks for sharing :)


Daniel Schmieding wrote …

Cool gym, fun story, great people. Now what on earth was that Glassman shirt?


wrote …


wrote …

Very inspiring! Thanks!!


wrote …

great video, crossfit has become a part of me this past year. I am looking forward to the next journey I take in my life. Opening a crossfit affiliate in Colorado, right now it doesn't matter where it is, as long as there is a want it will be built!


replied to comment from Michael Ives

Michael, we'd love to compare notes! The combination of the two has been good. Lots of parents of kids from Tony's TKD school have started CrossFit. It's been a good union.

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