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December 31, 2010

PDF Article

Here are the individual PDF articles published in December 2010, collected together in a single download.

The video and audio articles are not contained in the PDF.

The articles included here are:

Diagramming Fitness - Hass
The Crucible - Keane
The Lumberjacks Remember - Morales
Burg’s Eye View No. 2 - Burgener
The Value of Mental Rehearsal in Strength Training - Starr
Old School for New Ideas - Guere
The Power of Conscious Breathing - Parlen
Skin Infections and the CrossFit Athlete - Ray
School of Fitness: Part 1 - Beers and Leyland
Postural Alignment for the CrossFit Athlete - Chamis
Where I’ve Trained, What I’ve Learned - Greene
Got Striking? - Ryan

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