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Teaching the Snatch to a Large Group: Part 1 by E.C. Synkowski and Chris Spealler - CrossFit Journal

Teaching the Snatch to a Large Group: Part 1

By E.C. Synkowski and Chris Spealler

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Join HQ trainers E.C. Synkowski and Chris Spealler as they show athletes and coaches how to teach the snatch to a large group.

Synkowski begins the tutorial by showing how she coaches the snatch. She begins with an introduction to the movement, then starts the progressions to the complex Olympic lift. She bases her coaching progression on Coach Mike Burgener’s Warm-Up, but she takes her time to discuss and drill each step.

Synkowski emphasizes the vertical dip before the drive.

“I want them to really be feeling this nice vertical position because that’s the power on the way up in this movement,” she says. She uses partner drills to help cement this crucial concept.

After the muscle-snatch segment of the Burgener Warm-Up, E.C. coaches the receiving position: the overhead squat. She uses high-hang snatches and partner drills to control the bar path and keep it from straying too far away from the body. Finally, she works on starting from the ground, accelerating only when the bar reaches mid-thigh. Again, she emphasizes getting vertical.

According to Synkowski, she spends so much time drilling the jump and landing because it is the “heart of the lift.”

She says: “That’s the speed through the middle. You have to feel what vertical is, you have to feel like you’re jumping vertical, opening the hips, all of that.”

12min 43sec

Additional reading: The Burgener Warmup by Mike Burgener and Tony Budding, published Jan. 1, 2007.

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15 Comments on “Teaching the Snatch to a Large Group: Part 1”


wrote …

I LOVE EC!!!! chris ain't too bad either!! great job!!! now you know why i love using ec when i can as one of the top trainers in the crossfit oly cert.


wrote …

Love the "Teaching" videos on the journal. Huge help. I'm a new level one and these videos are priceless at making me a better trainer. Thank you and keep them coming!


wrote …

nees ouht
nees ouht!!!

EC is an amazon's amazon.



wrote …

Not EC's first rodeo. It says "ninja" on the back of her shirt for a reason.


wrote …

Im not a trainer but those cues are really helpfull even to a beginner such as me so thanks a lot!


wrote …

This video was perfect timing as we have a lot of people new to the movement and we covered it this morning. I had a good idea of how to teach it to the small group, but the additional cues were very helpful. Looking forward to part 2, 3, etc.


wrote …

Great JOb EC!


wrote …

Great stuff. Really hitting home as I am learning the snatch on my own just now. Working on incorporating Coach B's warmup into my warmup for every WOD. I can't wait to master this lift.

Keeps these teaching vids coming, they're so helpful, especially all we CrossFitters who are training/learing in our garages and not in boxes.



wrote …

Fantastic breakdown, thank you!


wrote …

EC is amazing!


wrote …

Awesome breakdown EC and Chris! Looking forward to teaching the snatch using some of these cues.

So happy to see Maxie, our CFC mascot, make an appearance. Love that pup.


wrote …

Thanks for the breakdown EC. Always helps!!


Dale Saran wrote …

Man, what a GREAT video! Thank you Tony and Crew and especially EC. Some phenomenally helpful cues. If I hadn't already worked out, I'd like to really incorporate some of the "stacking of the hips and shoulders" in my warmup. Just great pointers, even in acknowledging that some coaches teach a different (more horizontal) hip-opening. That was really helpful in understanding where I may be shorting my own lift. Thanks.


wrote …

awesome instruction. As a level I who is burried deep in work and doesn't have time to get to all the certs I would like to, this definitely helps. I know it isn't a replacement but does help me improve.

thanks EC and crossfit.


wrote …

Great coaching points and progressions. Hearing someone else break things done is so helpful and how they answer questions and address problems. Thanks.

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