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Louie Simmons on the Conjugate System: Part 4 by Louie Simmons - CrossFit Journal

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December 30, 2010

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In Part 4 of this series, Louie Simmons fields more questions about the conjugate system he uses to produce brutally strong powerlifters.

Of particular note is a section where Simmons clarifies the percentages athletes should use on dynamic-effort day without powerlifting gear.

And in yet another intersection of Westside methods and CrossFit training principles, Simmons touches on general physical preparedness and explains that a good workout doesn’t have to be a long workout, even if your goal is specialized strength in only three lifts.

6min 34sec

Additional video: Intensity and Its Role in Fitness by Pat Sherwood, originally aired March 13, 2009.

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8 Comments on “Louie Simmons on the Conjugate System: Part 4”


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

Louie has SOOOOO much to say it's amazing, he wants tooo say TONS more.

I always hear so much about the weights these guys move, I wanna hear more about specific things Louie did to help them make BIG jumps.

I've spoken to Louie often on the phone and I found the best way to get more answers is to keep digging and pressing him with questions, ha ha

Learning from Louie is the shiz NO doubt!

Thnx Journal Crew :)

Much Luv!



Alex Kourkoumelis wrote …

Good shit, keep it comin! I'd like to hear more about his and his athletes' nutrition.


wrote …

I was worried that being deployed to Kandahar Afghanistan would be detrimental to my training in Crossfit. Kill or hinder my chances for the CF games. Being in a traditional gym all over again depressed me greatly and I was losing my focus. The temporary loss of my Crossfit Dover team support started to really get to me. I never work or do as well on my own as I do with a group or at least one other person. I don’t have heavy rubber plates to drop while gong for max efforts or trying to beat posted times to workouts, no ropes to climb, no kettle bells, blah blah (poor me is over I promise lol).

But after watching Mr. Simmons and all the other Crossfit athletes take on/try his approach changed my views on what I can do. After Reading the PDF’s from Tom Seryak and Chris Mason, also the video from Matt Chan inspired me greatly. I took on Tom’s Option 3 plan and been running with it for the past month. I love what I am doing and feel like I am getting stronger even in as little as a month. Ordered some bands and rings online and knocking out these workouts like a mad man. This approach is new and exciting and spreads out the few true CF workouts I am able to fully do.

My point is to thank you guys for posting his speeches and to all the other CF journal entries that are based on his methods. I really wish yall could post more on this sooner because I was a little lost on how much I should do a day. Like is it cool to do Squats and deadlift dynamic work in the same day? Could or is it too much to do 2 workouts a day? Anyway he answered my questions in this 4th installment, but I just wish I knew this sooner but yall have your reasons to spread out these segments I guess. Anyway thanks again for this you at CF journal made this Airman’s stay in the desert much more manageable.

P.S If anyone who reads this is on Kandahar base pls contact me I am the 6 ft Jamaican/Dominican in Air Force pt gear. Can use a CF partner who won’t quit on the crazy workouts we do lol.


wrote …

He has a lot of great,free articles on his westside barbell site,too. I'm ordering one of his books right now. The dude is is a goldmine,and I love that CrossFit pulled in him to educate us. Louie is to lifting what the Illuminati is to conspiracy theorists.


wrote …

it's funny that he mentioned that westsiders were now experimenting/working on power out of the hole (where band resistance is least), or the area closest to where the bar reverses direction, because i was just thinking about that the other day. Does anyone know what they are doing to target this part of the movement?


replied to comment from Zach Even - Esh

Zach, I was wondering if you could better summarize how ME day is programmed or if you have a recommended link that best outline the weights and volume. I have Louie's Book of Methods, but still find it vague in regards to sets, reps, and weight percentages. Thanks for any guidance you can provide.


AJ Roberts wrote …

Ric - ME days are simple. Work up to a max on that movement for that specific day. There's nothing more to it. For example if my max effort movement was a floor press i'd do something like


After that move on to the next movement. Same with lower body days.

Hope that helps.


AJ Roberts wrote …

Erich - several things we do is, go lower, pause longer and squat into foam.

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