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Old School for New Ideas by Bob Guere - CrossFit Journal

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December 13, 2010

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Bob Guere offers a look into CrossFit Brand X and the CrossFit Kids program.

It takes one visit to CrossFit Brand X in Ramona, Calif., to understand that Brand X is different. Brand X is old school.

Upon entering, it’s obvious that martial arts are the backbone of what Jeff and Mikki Martin have built at Brand X. The walls near the entrance are adorned with black-belt certificates, promotion photos and other memorabilia generally expected in a martial-arts studio. Banners proclaiming Brand X a Krav Maga and Kenpo karate studio hang high on the walls. It's no-nonsense self-defense, passed on from some serious old-school masters to Jeff and Dan Strametz.

Still, if you walk into Brand X looking for martial arts, you’ll probably find yourself curiously observing the kids squatting, the heavy, explosive lifts taking place on the lifting platforms, or maybe the muscle-adorned bodies bopping up and down on the gymnastics rings. If martial arts are your bag, Brand X will start to look a bit different.

If you walk into Brand X looking for CrossFit, however, you will find nothing but one of the most organized, effective and organic programs out there. The Martins have put together a team of trainers who mesh together perfectly, use their individual talents to their advantage, and provide an environment for training, growth and fun. They work hard at what they do. No frills, nothing cutting-edge—just good old-fashioned, sweaty-brow work.

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8 Comments on “Old School for New Ideas”


wrote …

Bob, I couldn't of said it better myself. Thanks for all the kind words and taking the time to notice.
Dan S.


wrote …

Couldn't agree more.
Exactly what I've been saying for years.

The daft thing is, people will read this and think it's over the top when the reality is that it can only tell part of the story. I encourage people at every opportunity to visit Brand X and to stay as long as they can either side of a CF Kids cert. I don't know anyone who has who has regretted it and I know many who haven't stayed who have wanted to.

The place is magic and the people are as amazing as Bob says.
I keep saying it, they're honourable. It's old fashioned, but that's how they are.


wrote …

All of my dealings and experiences in working with the Martin Family over the years have always been super positive.

They embody the "Chase Excellence Model" perfectly in my opinion and are great role models for our community for achieving excellence in family, business, sport and life.

Great article, Bob!


wrote …

Living on the opposite side of the continent, it is unlikely I will be able to personally visit Brand X. However, by means of their forums and scaling, they make CrossFit approachable to beginners around the globe.

A big thank you to this group!


wrote …

Well said Bob, a great article.
A hairy Debbie, priceless... ;)


Bob Guere wrote …

Thanks for the kind words folks.

Jon Gary - I could've added 5 more pages about your contributions alone. Don't think your lack of inclusion in this article was from lack of appreciation. I had to cut it off somewhere. :(


wrote …

Great words. Great people. Great attitude.


Sean McCue wrote …

Great article Bob. You hit the nail on the head about Brand X.

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