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December 20, 2010

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In this new series, HQ trainer Pat Sherwood is searching the CrossFit community for real people with real stories to share.

In Part 1, join Sherwood as he returns to the Maine Criminal Justice Academy, site of one of the first seminars he instructed. Sherwood asks a member of the current seminar about his CrossFitting and his diet, finding out what works for a member of the law-enforcement community.

The athlete, Lucas, is a detective and a CrossFitter. He admits he has tweaked the Zone Diet to fit his needs and fix some problems he encountered when the initial prescription clashed with his demanding work hours.

“I’m doing 21 blocks a day, as prescribed by Zone—no extra fat, just straight 21 blocks—and it was killing me,” Lucus says.

With the advice of Sherwood and Tony Budding, Lucas dropped some blocks and increased to five times the prescribed fat blocks. He has also added post-workout nutrition and the Paleo Diet to dial food quality into Zone proportions.

For Lucas, the benefits of CrossFit and its nutrition are profound, including new personal records and improved performance in the gym and on the job.

“I’m able to last much longer and still be mentally alert,” Lucas says.

6min 29sec

Additional audio: CrossFit Radio Episode 54 by Neil Anderson, originally aired April 9, 2009.

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22 Comments on “The Sherwood Chronicles: Community Part 1”


wrote …

Loving this!!


wrote …

You couldn't ask for a better person to lead this series off. Lucas is a great crossfit athlete but he's an even better human being (even if he did run me over at sectionals with a sand bag, just kidding man). Great to see him featured in the journal. Keep it up buddy!


wrote …

Great series! Can't wait for more! This is exactly what I needed for some nutrition inspiration. Also would love to see a little more about Affiliate owners and how they run their boxes.


Michael Garrett wrote …

what kind of fats did you add in your diet? almonds, oils, ???


wrote …

I mainly use almond butter, but for a little variety I like olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado.

Molloy, I had to slow you down somehow!!


wrote …

I've searched the message boards, but can't find it, and can't remember. But when following Zone what does 2xFat or 5xFat mean? In Lucas's case, is he eating 17 full blocks (17c/17p/17f) plus 4x17 blocks of fat (total of 5xFat)?



wrote …

Thank you for putting focus back on everyday Crossfitters.


wrote …

Robert --> 1 block of fat is 1.5g(with an additional 1.5g from your protein source). When you "x" the fat you increase the "added fat". So "2x" is 3g of fat per block, "5x" is 7.5g


Kevin Wood wrote …

The cert with Pat and Tony Budding was my first cert! What an eye opener.

Great to see Lucas on film and how he's changed since 2007. Keep up the great work buddy!


John Weiss wrote …

Nice work Lucas. I too, think this series is a great idea.


EC S wrote …

lucas rocks. sherwood rocks. this clearly rocks.


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

Lucas good shizza bruddah!!!! The dude is focused!!!

I gotta admire the fact that entire PD was certified via CF.

I offered free training to the local fire departments in my old town and they almosy s**t their pants, they had a million excuses as to why the higher ups would not allow this due to chances of injury, etc.

One of the firefighters was easily 400 lbs!!

I think as a community we gotta do our best to help all LEO, Fire and Military Personnel. This is GREAT to see, thnx, Pat.



wrote …

Hey Pat, I got my level 1 at that seminar and can't believe that you were new on the scene then. You killed it! I learned a ton, had a great time, etc. You're a natural!


wrote …



replied to comment from Zach Even - Esh

Damn, I wish you had a box in my town. Kudos to you!


wrote …

Lucas, you are awesome, bro. It was very cool to see you again after you had applied your knowledge of CF into your life for several years. Keep up the good work!


Julianne Taylor wrote …

Lucas - you said you did a PWO 40g protein plus 40 g carbs - is that in addition to the 17 blocks a day or part of it?

(CrossFit Auckland, NZ, Nutritionist)


replied to comment from Julianne Taylor

Julianne-That is in addition to the 17 blocks. I mix whey protein, sweet potato or banana, and 5 grams of creatine into a post workout shake. I have been doing this for the last 4 months and it seems to aid recovery. The initial weight gain that I saw has leveled out to about 5 pounds, though the weight gain could be due to me placing an emphasis on strength gains.

The Jon that I mention in the interview is Jon Gilson of Again Faster, he is a great coach and a friend. He has worked very hard with the Director of our Academy to outfit us with one of the best equipped gyms on the east coast.

Pat-It was great to see you again, I hope you can make it back next summer. We have hosted three level 1 seminars and they get better every time.


wrote …

As a native of Maine its great to see Maine ahead of the the game ! Always got certs going down in Vacation Land !
Lucas keep cranking out those squats ! Great work Pat

Super Bowl or bust



wrote …

@Pat, thanks for this series. I am a FF/Paramedic with 24on/24 off/24on shifts. And typically most firefighters have some other shift-work side job on the 5days off. Its hard to maintain the 3/1 schedule if it gets busy at work, and sleep deprivation is a big factor. Nutritional and programming tips from other athletes in the community is a great help. Keep em comin P!!! Thanks Lucas!


wrote …


You DA' MAN! Making the Big Time and putting Maine on the CF Map. Not to mention, REPRESENTING the MSP!


Jay Andrews


wrote …

I love the focus on us "normal guys" for a change thank you so much. Not that I don't like watching vids on Kapa, Lipson, and the others. But hey, WE ARE HERE TOO! Lol, I am a Native of New Hampshire love the Pats plug in!

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