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December 10, 2010

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When elite CrossFitters came together to compete at the Rogue Vs. Again Faster Throwdown in Lake Tahoe, Calif., 2009 Games champion Tanya Wagner had to sit on the sidelines and watch.

“Not participating in this two-day little throwdown actually is killing me,” Wagner says. “I’m absolutely so grateful that I was still invited and they chose to bring a pregnant girl out even though they knew I couldn’t do much for the team.”

In this video, Wagner divulges who is her inspiration. She and the other athletes also provide some commentary on the competition and the tension between the athletes.

“You’re putting some of the most competitive people, probably on the planet, together, so everyone is friends, but Rogue wants to win, Again Faster wants to win,” Christy Phillips says.

To Peter Egyed, the teamwork was fun, but he admits, “It feels like there’s more pressure when you’re going because you’re representing 11 other people, 12 other people, you know, versus just your own score.”

Even though she didn’t compete herself, Wagner felt the tension, too, even among teammates.

“Because they’re your competitors in the Games, it’s a different dynamic, and I think that we’re all competitive, and obviously we all wanted to win,” Wagner says.

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Additional video: Tanya Wagner at the Affiliate Cup.



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wrote …

Tanya Rocks!
You going to be an awesome mom! :)


wrote …

T Wag is tough enough.

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