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Pregnancy for an Elite Competitor: Part 1 by Tanya Wagner - CrossFit Journal

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December 24, 2010

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At the Rogue Vs. Again Faster Throwdown in Lake Tahoe, Calif., 2009 Games champion Tanya Wagner talked about her pregnancy and how it has changed her CrossFitting.

For Wagner, pregnancy came as a pleasant surprise right before the 2010 Games. In fact, she found out the good news three days before she got to the Home Depot Center, and she admits she was happy she had signed on to compete for her affiliate rather than as an individual.

“I honestly probably would have backed out,” she says.

Wagner, who runs CrossFit Apex with her husband Josh, has had to moderate her workout intensity and frequency.

“It’s the coolest thing when you’re pregnant,” Wagner says. “Your body just doesn’t allow you to do certain things.”

For instance, she says that when she works out hard, she pays for it with extended recovery time.

“I just had to play with that intensity because it was kind of hard for me to not just go full steam. It’s just what I’m used to doing. I’m used to just giving it my all, but I would need a couple of days to recover after that,” Wagner says.

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Additional reading: Working Out for Two by Lauren Joseph, published Aug. 13, 2010.

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6 Comments on “Pregnancy for an Elite Competitor: Part 1”


wrote …

Great video, I can't wait to see you compete at the 2012 games, I hope everything goes well with your baby and that you can go back to your normal training volume as soon as possible. 185 power clean, that's pretty impressive !!


wrote …

Tanya!!! U r unbelievable. SO cool to hear what it's like for u. Keep it up, sister ;)


wrote …

Good to see this video. It's nice to see the perspective of an elite CFer going through a pregnancy. Your recovery will probably be a bit quicker than you think.

Best to you, Tanya and Josh! Hope to enjoy some guacamole and margaritas with you again sometime!!


Jenna Dodge wrote …

Congrats Tanya and Josh!

Tanya, you will bounce back SO fast. Having just had a baby in May (well...7 months ago...still feels like "just"!), i can say that your fitness will return SUPER fast! I rested for 2 complete weeks, then the next 4 weeks of workouts were pretty tough, mentally, but then after that everything came back super fast, and I have since PRed in my oly lifts.

Good luck to you and I can't wait to see you win the 2012 games! I, too, hope to enjoy some guacamole with you again, and be able to partake in the margaritas next time around!


wrote …

Congrats Tanya! My wife has 6 more weeks and she says to make sure that you record the extra weight you worked out with :-) So instead of just squats and pull ups, you have weighted squats and pull ups.


wrote …

Great article Tanya, it's cool you've decided to share your experience. I discovered crossfit 18 months after having my first baby and am now considering how I would approach training during and post my next pregnancy. Your idea to do the benchmarks at even intervals during and after pregnancy is a great idea.

Wishing you all the best for the rest of your pregnancy and for your training.,,, and for life as a mum! Looking forward to hearing more tips and advice from you and to watching you compete in the 2012 games.

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