The Lumberjacks Remember

By Staff Sgt. Lasonya Morales

In LEO/Mil

December 06, 2010

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The Fort Hood shooting victims are honored with the Lumberjack 20 workout in Afghanistan.

Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan—By 9:30 a.m. on Nov. 5, more than 50 service members gathered at the Kandahar Airfield boardwalk to participate in the Lumberjack 20 CrossFit competition to honor the soldiers who lost their lives in the Fort Hood shootings on Nov. 5, 2009.

“The CrossFit workout is a way to collectively pull everyone together for a common goal. It will allow soldiers to get out their aggressiveness and sharpen their skills,” said 1st Lt. Brian Mackey, 20th Engineer Battalion tactical officer. “We do this in memory of the four soldiers we lost to carry on their name in honor.”



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wrote …

Great article, we hit this hard at our box at Fort Hood in their memory.



wrote …

This was a good tough WOD. We charged through it down here at Crossfit Shoalhaven (New South Wales, Australia). It's up there with one of my fave WOD's. A great way to honour the guys.


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