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December 27, 2010

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An early adopter of CrossFit, Russell Greene shares lessons from his first decade of training.

As CrossFit has expanded, finding a fully equipped CrossFit gym has become much easier. During our recent honeymoon in Maine, my wife and I found ourselves running into CrossFit gyms by accident. It was a major contrast from when I started CrossFit in 2002.

Back then, there was only one CrossFit gym, and it was 3,000 miles away. I would estimate that I was one of the first people to try the WODs in a Globo Gym. From this position, I am in awe of the growth that CrossFit has seen. I can’t help but find myself a little bit jealous of people who can start their first day of training with a full stock of equipment and a CrossFit trainer. These people have staggering potential to improve their fitness when they start in such an environment.

As I look back on my training history, I hope that one day no one will have to go through the hassles I have endured in working to improve fitness. As with all difficulties, however, we are strengthened by the challenges that we face in getting our training done in non-supportive environments. In this spirit, I’ll examine several places I have trained and share something I learned in each place. It’s the story of where I have worked out and how those places have made me who I am today.

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5 Comments on “Where I’ve Trained, What I’ve Learned”


wrote …

Great stuff Russ. I'd love to explore further the topic of how to elicit commitment in various endeavors. I think the process of committing is often a struggle much harder than the task itself.

"It was as if knowing *why* I was doing it made the physical challenge feel less painful." = Gold

Lastly - "Why are you here?"


wrote …

Fantastic article. I remember being in that "looking stupid" phase. At one point, I let it control my training. At another, I inspired others to train outside the "box". No pun intended.


wrote …

Great article. I was introduced a year ago at my box (Redding, CA) and have been really blessed in that. However, doing WOD's in hotel gyms, my kids' swim club gym, and parks, etc, has drawn some interesting (terrified!) looks and comments. I love CF!


P.S. Where in the world did you find a hotel gym with bumpers?!!


wrote …

I did Crossit at the Summit YMCA from 2007-2008. The reation of the trainers/other people wass still the same.


wrote …

That sign at the YMCA is priceless. It is still beyond my comprehension how a huge fitness related organization, such as the YMCA, can be so blatantly ignorant of Olympic lifting.

Russ, your persistence is inspiring.

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