Blue Flame Part 2

By Jon Wilson

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January 21, 2011

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CrossFit is becoming the sport of fitness for our youth, and at two South Carolina high schools, this sport is has become competitive. PE teacher Jon Wilson founded Blue Flame CrossFit, a non-profit club affiliate at Pickens High School in South Carolina. He and Ed Taylor, a PE teacher from Walhalla High School, organized a CrossFit event for teens in CrossFit programs at both schools.

“To my knowledge, it’s never been done. So we’re just going to give it a go and see what happens,” Wilson says.

“This competition today has just set our kids on fire,” Taylor says.

Wilson describes their competition workouts and logistics. The inaugural event was such a success that Taylor says the kids are excited to compete and expand the competition to other schools and venues.

“You can look and see in their eyes the pride factor in it,” Taylor says.

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Video by Again Faster.

Additional reading: Old School for New Ideas by Bob Guere, published Dec. 13, 2010.

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18 Comments on “Blue Flame Part 2”


wrote …

I love the competition that was between High Schools. I really think Crossfit is what all PE at all ages should be doing vs the crap standards that most states have as fitness standards. Great Job Blue Flame!!!


wrote …

Why the Hell dont we have girls in my school who like CrossFit!? Not a single onw


wrote …

single *one* lol


wrote …

I love seeing videos like this. Young people getting involved in Crossfit, getting the community involved, and the fact that next year they predict growth with this competition.


wrote …


Keep up the good work Jon and Ed.


wrote …

This is awesome! Hope it starts a movement to get all high schools involved. Great work!!


wrote …

This is great stuff.


wrote …

This is great. Thanks Crossfit for supporting these high school kids. Great job Blue Flame! Glad to see it has spread to Walhalla High school.

Robert-Stafford, VA


wrote …

From a dedicated teacher's as well as crossfitter's perspective, I am incredibly motivated and impressed by what blue flame crossfit has been able to accomplish. The impact these teacher's in conjunction with crossfit, is and will always be immeasurable to their students.


wrote …

Thank you for leading the charge on this crucial issue. PE in America is broken and has been for a long time (with a few exceptions). What you are doing is a big step toward fixing it. Now I feel empowered to seek club affiliation also.
Thank you and keep it up!

And who won your games? Might be seeing his and her names at the HOME DEPOT CENTER in a couple of years.


wrote …

Great articles JW. Keep it up. You are setting a new standard in fitress for your students and it is obviously catching on!


Chris Worden wrote …

This is the greatest thing I've seen happen in the CF Community in a long time (IMO). Great work guys, I hope to emulate a similar program here in Orange County.


wrote …

The coach from Walhalla summed up Phys Ed in this country when he said "We don't discuss nutrition with out students."

That should be baseline in the curriculum. And not this "fat is bad, whole grain good" stuff. But an honest assessment of what good, unprocessed food is and how these kids are supposed to eat.

We have a good many high schoolers that train in our box and nutrition is part of their In Doc into CrossFit. And it is always the same "we've never been taught that before."

Kudos to these coaches for getting these kids going.


wrote …

Nice job by Jon out at Blue Flame Crossfit!

I agree Glenn. The crossfit pyramid discussed at the level 1 cert even starts with nutrition as the base. Then comes metcon, gymnastics, etc. One problem with teaching proper nutrition at a public school is following USDA guidelines and government protocol.


wrote …

Hopefully Blue Flame will encourage more educational programs to adopt the CF philosophy on physical education. I am a level 1 trainer, as well as a teacher at Middle Tennessee State University and I have been teaching Crossfit in my Beginning Weight training and Personal Conditioning classes for 2 semesters now. My students had never experienced anything like it before, which makes them apprehensive at first, but they soon realize its tremendous potential on their fitness level. I foresee more colleges and highschools implementing it in the future!


wrote …

This is outstanding... One of my goals is to spread CrossFit to our local Middle and High Schools... Great job guys, you are fixing a fat America and it is appreciated.
CrossFit Coweta Supports CrossFit Blue Flame!!!!! GET SOME!


wrote …

Thanks for all the support.
This vid series has sparked a lot of interests in schools around the world. I have received over 30 messages from various teachers/ CrossFitters from everywhere. I knew you all were out there, just needed a way to get ideas flowing...well...mission accomplished!
Keep fighting the good fight!


wrote …

Great videos. I'm a P.E. teacher at Waukegan High school in Illinois. Myself and 3 other teachers are all level I certified. We have totally changed our strength and conditioning classes into Crossfit classes. We are trying to push for more crossfit in all classes, throught out the district K-12. I feel that Crossfit is the perfect fit for the demands of physical education in todays schools. We need to keep pushing for more fitness. I would love to dialogue more with people about this-if interested please contact me at

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