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Teaching the Pull-up to a Large Group: Part 2 by Adrian Bozman and Lisa Ray - CrossFit Journal

Teaching the Pull-up to a Large Group: Part 2

By Adrian Bozman and Lisa Ray

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There are many progressions for learning the kipping pull-up, and different cues will work for different athletes. Join HQ trainers Adrian (Boz) Bozman and Lisa Ray as Boz instructs coaches on his method of teaching the pull-up to a large class.

In Part 2, Boz begins by fielding Michael Giardina’s question about shoulder position. Boz says he wants to stop athletes from “overthinking” the movement, so he speeds it up and keeps the progressions simple.

“If you just get people to relax and go faster, nine times out of 10 they’re fine,” Boz says.

Afterward, Boz talks about the kipping pull-up return phase, something he only teaches to athletes experienced enough to utilize it. He tells his athletes, “If you’re not getting over the bar, you have no business doing the push-away. (If) you’re not strong enough for this movement, it’s going to beat you up. Don’t do it.”

For those who are ready, the progression is simple: push away from the top of the bar and return to your swing, then stop.

“If they can’t control that swing after the return, well, the return wasn’t good enough,” Boz says.

From there, the athlete works to use fewer and fewer swings before stringing together consecutive kipping pull-ups.

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Additional reading: Kipping Pull-Up Progression by Eva Twardokens, published Mar. 1, 2006.

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4 Comments on “Teaching the Pull-up to a Large Group: Part 2 ”


wrote …

I have so much time for Boz as a coach, he's just fantastic.

As a moustache grower?
Not so much. :-)

Great series, thank-you to everyone involved in producing it.


wrote …

Excellent instruction Boz. Well done!


wrote …

this is an awesome vid. Boz is the man. Truly one of the most humble individuals i've ever met. He really is a coach we should all emulate.


Dustin Kreidler wrote …

Having just done my Level 1 cert with Boz and crew about a month ago, its really awesome seeing the teacher-side of this process. I can attest to the fact that his method of teaching the kip *totally* works. I have no place to actually do it where I work out, so I went from never having done a single one to pretty much having it down cold after 20 minutes. Of course, I haven't been able to practice it since... dammit. ;)

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