Burg’s Eye View No. 3

By Mike Burgener

In Olympic Lifts

January 24, 2011

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Coach Mike Burgener explains how to fix the path of the bar with athletes of very different proportions.

Athletes with different proportions look very different on an Oly platform, and each will require individualized coaching to get into optimal positions. Be that as it may, most aspects of good technique stay the same whether an athlete has long femurs or short ones. You still have to finish the pull, and you still have to get under the bar with junkyard-dog aggression.

In Burg’s Eye View No. 3, Coach Mike Burgener breaks down a 56-kg snatch by Miranda Oldroyd and a 60-kg snatch by Julianne Kennedy. Oldroyd’s proportions allow her a more ideal starting position, while Kennedy’s long limbs force her into a very different position. Despite their differing proportions, both athletes let the bar get forward and need slight adjustments to perfect their technique.

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Yeah Julz!! Beautiful and powerful at the same time, gotta love it.


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