Bringing the Community Together at CrossFit Threshold

By Elisha Voren, Chris Holt and Anthony Graf

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January 02, 2011

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On Sundays at CrossFit Threshold in Miami, Fla., the workout runs a little differently. Join co-owner Elisha Voren and the Sunday-morning athletes as they demonstrate a typical Sunday WOD.

“We have a big family environment here, so our Sunday is used for that. So we have team workouts or we’ll have group workouts or have bring-your-kid workouts,” Voren says. “It just kind of builds the community.”

Members say the workouts are a lot of fun and a great way to connect with other members. It’s also about building that team dynamic and working out for others rather than yourself. Members find it motivational and supportive to the CrossFit lifestyle.

“It’s a great way for everyone to just get to know each other,” co-owner Chris Holt says.

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Additional reading: Team Workouts by Greg Glassman, published Oct. 1, 2003.



7 Comments on “Bringing the Community Together at CrossFit Threshold”


wrote …

Great video, this is a gym I want to be part of or run(someday).


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

RIGHT ON, that was kick ass, to be pumping like that on a Sunday!! NICE!

The set up looks great, congrats on your success guys, wishing you MORE of it :)

Elisha..... Did you guys build those blue monkey bars or purchase from someone else?

I need some in my gym, I friggin' love them!!




wrote …

Hey Zach! Thanks for the kind words!!!! I was just showing my family the videos of your speech about "The one that got away"! We're huge fans of you brother! Anyways, I designed the monkey bars and had a welder fabricate them. If you want the dimensions or whatnot let me know and I can send them over. Hope you had a great holiday and a great new years! 2011 is going to be epic!



wrote …

Threshold keeping the CrossFit spirit burnin' all week!
You guys are true firebreathers and a great inspiration
for other affiliates.


Bob Guere wrote …

Great video Threshold! Awesome group you have!


wrote …

Great video, outstanding stuff CF Threshold! Chris H., it was a pleasure meeting you this past Friday.


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

Chris, ha ha ha, your family musta certified you as insane after showing my vids!!!

Send those specs to Bill at Rogue Fitness, he needs to rock them out and I'll buy them!!!

Feel free to send them to me to, I know a welder and he might have some free time

I'm at UndergroundStrengthCoach AT

Thnx Brutha!

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