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January 10, 2011

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Greg Glassman asked the question, “What is fitness?” Blair Morrison offers some of his own thoughts to help you discover what fitness means to you.

What is fitness?

That question is one of the foundations of the CrossFit program, and asking it will make you question just about everything you know about training. In answering it, Greg Glassman created a new way of training and a new way of thinking about health and human performance. He also got people thinking and answering the question for themselves.

In this multipart series, CrossFit Games competitor Blair Morrison talks about what fitness is to him.

In Part 4, Morrison suggests that physical activity can affect more than just our bodies and recommends athletes take responsibility for accomplishing their fitness goals.



9 Comments on “Fitness Is … Identity and Personal”


Richard Meurk wrote …

Thanks a lot Blair for these articles. They motivate a lot!


wrote …

another fantastic article by blair. really inspiring and every sentence is truth. good work brother


wrote …

Very Inspiring and Motivating!

From Houston Texas


Dustin Kreidler wrote …

This should be one of the free articles for the non-subscribers. This idea of "owning" our fitness, while fundamental at so many levels, doesn't seem to get stressed enough in the "Foundations" and "What is Fitness" articles. Convincing the kids I train that they need to own their fitness, more so than I need to own it for them, is one of my/their biggest obstacles. Even the ones that do the work, if they're just doing what I say, the results won't be as good as the guys who put everything into it. On the other hand, those guys who don't want to do the work, or understand the process, or listen to the reasons, hey, no skin off my nose. To quote Rip: "You can't make people smarter. You can expose them to the information, but your responsibility ends there." Not to understate the role of a trainer, but if your trainee hasn't taken ownership, the rest is kind of moot.

Thanks Blair!


wrote …

"No identity is etched in stone. No one is fundamentally
governed by anything except what he or she can or
cannot do. Decide which version of yourself you’d rather
be and go get it."

This is my favorite quote from this article. Great stuff! I like the ownership example and he even said that some people attending Crossfit gyms don't own their fitness. Well put!

Incredible stuff. I find it amazing that someone of Blair's background is so very focused on fitness and crossfit. I would think he would be in med school somewhere prepping to be a surgeon. We are certainly the benefactors of his decision.


Gerard Mcauliffe wrote …

Great article Blair, very inciteful and well written.


wrote …

Another fantastic reflection on fitness, Blair. Thanks for the contribution.

What you say rings so very true with my own experience, which, as you make clear, is really all I have. The gym, the equipment, the community, even the technique and theory are ultimately little more than props on the stage. A barbell will never clean itself just as a microphone will never recite Hamlet.


robert day wrote …

brillant article, well put into words what so many people feel.

look forward to more from you blair


wrote …

hell yea brotha!

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