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The Future Soldier Training Program by Adam Neiffer and Sgt. 1st Class Reocel Mercado - CrossFit Journal

The Future Soldier Training Program

By Adam Neiffer and Sgt. 1st Class Reocel Mercado

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January 01, 2011

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CrossFit Fort Vancouver has more to offer than a 2010 CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup win. Every couple of weeks the affiliate brings a group of soon-to-be soldiers to CrossFit as part of the Future Soldier training program. The program uses CrossFit to physically and mentally prepare future soldiers for basic training. CrossFit also provides grounding in a supportive community, something the soldiers can draw upon once they join the military.

“You will look back and say that you’ve done something today that’s harder than anything else you’re going to do today. And you’re going to carry it on in your careers, and you’re going to do very well,” says Sgt. 1st Class Reocel Mercado, who coordinates the program with CrossFit Fort Vancouver owner Adam Neiffer.

Learn how CrossFit can benefit the troops before they even begin their service.

6min 44sec

Additional reading: U.S. Army CrossFit Study: May 2010 by the U.S. Army, published Sept. 2, 2010.

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12 Comments on “The Future Soldier Training Program”


wrote …

Enjoyed the video. Inspirational to see the guys hitting CF for the first time. Mercado has the passion !


wrote …

Sgt. 1st Class Mercado is the ideal mentor for our future leaders and joined with great support, Adam Neiffer. Their efforts ought to be applauded and looked upon as a blueprint, by multiple institutions, as a strong option for success.


wrote …

THANK YOU...Sgt. 1st Class Mercado and the young men in this video (and the men and women in our armed forces) for choosing to protect and serve our great country.
Godbless each and every one of you as you continue on your journey.


wrote …



replied to comment from Rick Meldrum

H-Minus and all the way, my friend.


Adam Neiffer wrote …

Thanks for everything Sgt. Mercado. You're such a positive presence in the lives of so many.

Also, a big shout out to Alec from the video who recently returned from Basic with the highest fitness score in his platoon. Stay strong!


wrote …

Sgt. 1st Class Mercado, my friend Reocel is one of the most stand up guys I have ever know. Every American is in debt to men like him and what he does on a daily basis. I witness his hard work every day during WODs and i love working out with him. Hell of a guy.

Here's to you and the future soldiers!


wrote …

great video, I liked seeing the new guys give it a try, could do an "after" video after bootcamp to see the progress. what was the WOD they were doing?


replied to comment from Sevan Matossian

Sevan, thanks for the has definitely been an enriching experience working with Adam to introduce CrossFit for our Future Soldiers.


replied to comment from Alex Foucre-Stimes

Alex, that is a great idea...I think we had them do an AMRAP of burpees and hill sprints. The warm-up was a skills review of the squat.


replied to comment from Thomas Emde

Thank you for your support Thomas...and many blessings to you in this new year!


wrote …

Thanks Adam, George, and Ryan...It's great having you all as my "band of brothers" in our quest for fitness!

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