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January 14, 2011

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Training kids is very different than training adults. At the end of the day, we want fitter people, but dealing with young athletes requires a special approach.

In this video shot at CrossFit Brand X, Mikki Martin leads a group of CrossFit Kids through a workout integrating—yes, you guessed it—Lego as a motivational tool. Also part of the workout is game of darts using a Venn diagram filled with movements as the target.

By the end of the video, it’s pretty obvious the kids are having fun, but they’re getting fitter at the same time.

6min 16sec

Additional reading: Strength Training and the Young Athlete by Bill Starr, published Oct. 9, 2009.

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8 Comments on “A CrossFit Kids Class at CrossFit Brand X”


wrote …

What a brilliant WOD for the kids classes. Team work, building skills with the blocks, strategy, and FUN!!! Can't wait to try this with my classes.

The game is also brilliant! Kids are learning about Venn Diagrams, how to throw darts, and having so much fun. Thanks for the video and the ideas.

P.S. Where did you get your darts?


wrote …

I wish there were more CF Kids videos. They are the best. :)


wrote …

This should be the future of PE in our schools as far as I'm concerned.


wrote …

I agree on all 3 comments! I plan on using the Lego workout this week with my younger kids! Awesome ideas! Thanks!


Great ideas!

Thanks for the video! Please, post more!

Allan Bruno


wrote …

What an awesome class! Its so great to see a bunch of kids working out together and having such a good time. I have coached gymnastics in the past, competitive and recreational, so I know how great it feels to have a group of kids that are excited and engaged.
What great exercises too! I loved how they had to build the biggest structure with legos. Brilliant!

Seth Gilbertson


wrote …

This video was amazing to watch, I will definitely be getting Crossfit Kid Certified int he future. Working with kids will build a better future for them and us.


wrote …

That looks like so much fun. Coaching kids is greatly rewarding, and those kids were doing well. It's like sports practice, but the sport is "fun".

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