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Meet CrossFit Charlotte by Andy Hendel - CrossFit Journal

Meet CrossFit Charlotte

By Andy Hendel

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January 24, 2011

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Take a tour of CrossFit Charlotte with owner and former Miami Dolphin Andy Hendel. The gym is equipped with a full kitchen complete with portioned food consistent with both the Paleo and Zone diets. The gym partners with catering company Active Edge Nutrition for members to order meals, and Rob Garrison of Active Edge says the food sells itself to the CrossFit community.

“This is the lone group of athletes that is as adamant about what they eat as how they work out," Garrison says. "Once they know what we’re doing and how we’re doing it, they're kind of sold on it because that’s the same way they prepare their food: as clean and as healthy as you can make it.”

Hendel also shows off his vast collection of equipment. CrossFit Charlotte has been open for about three-and-a-half years, but after its initial investment in mats, rowers and GHD machines, most of the other equipment has come in second-hand and through donations.

“Things have just been accumulated over the years,” he says.

The secret of Hendel’s success is in the community he builds.

“It’s about a lot of retention—keeping a good program together for the clients you have right now, and again your clients tell other people. They tell other people, and I think that word of mouth is the best way to go.”

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Additional reading: Interview: Andy Hendel NC/SC Sectional Director.

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6 Comments on “Meet CrossFit Charlotte”


wrote …

Coach A taught me to squat on my very first day at Crossfit, and later he was one of my coaches at my Level 1 Cert. My life and health is forever changed because of Crossfit Charlotte! Andy is one of the best coaches you will ever work with and I encourage everyone to visit CFC when they're in town.


Zach Even - Esh wrote …


WOW, awesome place brutha, I def. wanna see more of your facility, hopefully there is apart 2!

I was just in NC last weekend!

Keep kickin' ass!



wrote …

Place looks great! I now want a kitchen in my next place. haha


wrote …

Coach A came by our firehouse back in '08 when we were just getting started with CF. He helped explain some of the movements, and has continued to be a great resource for me. He inspired me to attend my Level 1 cert, as well as an O-lift seminar held in the old box. Coach you have a great thing going, thanks for all the help.


wrote …

CFC is an awesome place!


wrote …

Soooo impressed with how you go the extra mile for your clients with the paleo/zone food link up, making smoothies for clients too. Real food for thought for affiliates!

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