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January 29, 2011

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Join Mikko Salo, the 2009 CrossFit Games champion, on his road trip across America—but this trip isn’t quite the same as the CrossFit Journal’s last Road Trip with Dave Lipson, Rob Orlando and Dave Castro. A man of few words, Salo is rarely distracted from his quest to better his training.

Salo’s journey continues at Rogue Fitness, home of 2010 Games champion Graham Holmberg. Today’s topic is bringing Rogue equipment to Europe, which Salo is organizing with the owner of Rogue Fitness, Bill Henniger.

“We’re like going to be the dealers of Rogue equipment in Europe, so there will be Rogue Europe,” Salo says. “It’s a pretty big thing, so I’m really excited. Lots of work to do, but I think it’s big step for Rogue and big step for us also.”

Back to training, Salo joins Holmberg for some Olympic lifting at his gym, Rogue Fitness CrossFit Columbus. Salo shares plans to train more in the U.S. and work for Rogue Fitness.

“It’s quite interesting times for me now,” he says.

12min 29sec

Additional audio: CrossFit Radio Episode 120 by Justin Judkins, published May 19, 2010.

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21 Comments on “Mikko Salo: Coming to America Part 3”


wrote …

I really hope Mikko is the first to win the games twice


wrote …

this series is pretty much one big sponsorship plug for Rogue.

perhaps the title should be ....

"Rogue Fitness presents crossfit's first professional athlete, Rogue's Mikko Salo, using Rogue products, training at Rogue HQ and talking about Rogue's upcoming launch into Europe"


replied to comment from Nick Williams

Hating! BUT...true.


wrote …

"Packing up orders for time." Nice. :-)


wrote …

Rogue Europe sounds awesome. Sweden welcomes it. Hyvää!


wrote …

Thanks Mikko! Keep up the good work buddy.


wrote …

Are these guys doing any swimming?


wrote …

Its always a pleasure to listen to Mikko S. But this time I was really looking forward to the olympic lifting with Graham. After 12+ min I had only seen glimpses...
I really hope you present the details of the content next time.
Keep it up!


wrote …

sorry if my earlier comment came off like a hater - I didn't mean it to, it was more intended to be a brand/marketing comment.

To clarify, Mikko is my crossfit hero and I can't get enough of him, although there is something cooler about knowing he is training in snow and ice in the mountains of Finland than in Columbus Ohio.

my point is that the balance of advertiser funded content has to be right - people will be happy to view it and 'consume' the brand information if the majority of the content is around the subject matter. These Rogue sponsored Mikko videos (and I would imagine they are funding his whole trip as an advertising vehicle) have got the focus skewed way too much towards the advertising message and not nearly enough around the content which we are switching on for.


wrote …

you tell em Nick! :D

Rogue Eurpoe sounds awesome, but all i really wanna watch is Mikko doing his stuff.
Im really hopefull that he kicks his weak spots, and can be the first to win the game again.


replied to comment from Nick Williams

It sounds like the York Barbell of old. THAT was cool.


wrote …

I think the most important thing to take away from this video is that Rogue is providing a dream come true for Mikko and not so much, buy Rogue equipment. Balancing full time work and training at the elite level is a huge sacrifice. I see Mikko stoked about this opportunity and wish him nothing but the best in the future.


wrote …

I think the series is cool... most I've ever heard Mikko speak :)


wrote …

Mikko is soo frikin' adorable! Such a great guy!


wrote …

the snatches looked PReTTY freakin solid!


replied to comment from Nick Williams

I suppose it's easy to look at the first 3 episodes and assume it's all about Rogue. However, we don't know how many episodes are coming. If Mikko is heading to different places around the country there may be quite a few of these videos, a lot of which wouldn't be at Rogue HQ. I think it's pretty cool for Rogue to let everyone see the inner-workings of their company especially when they are expanding internationally. I disagree that the balance is wrong... I think it's interesting to hear Mikko's thoughts and actions on things other than training (Like Oliver said).


wrote …

Mikko was packing orders? Maybe that's why my order from Rogue was messed up? :)

All kidding aside, they did a great job correcting the order and I placed another order the following week. Great company. I'll be a customer for a long time.



Joey Dussel wrote …

Does anyone know what brand of jacket that Mikko is wearing when he signs the packing slip for Matt Chan? The black-ish one with green stripes.


Dan Schreiber wrote …

Joey, it's a lululemon jacket.


wrote …

Okay is it just me or is anyone else kind of sad that Mikko is giving up firefighting? I know that he loves crossfit, and having the opportuinity to train full time here in the states is awesome, but to leave a career behind that he put so much time and training into..I just hope the best for him.


wrote …

Does anyone have any more details about Rogue Europe?

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