Remembering Lumpy

By Andréa Maria Cecil

In LEO/Mil

January 07, 2011

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Seattle firefighters do a Hero WOD in full bunkers to honor a fallen comrade, while a man CrossFits to help him cope with his brother’s death. Andréa Maria Cecil reports.

“It seems kind of common with my experience in CrossFit: things will just happen, and it turns out beautiful and terrible at the same time.”

Those are the words of Jay Roughton, a Seattle firefighter and owner of CrossFit All In in Lake Steven, Wash. His description was of the day he and four fellow firefighters at Station 37 of the Seattle Fire Department did a WOD.

But not just any WOD. A Hero WOD—one bearing the name “Brenton.”



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wrote …

Matt, I feel your pain man. I have hit "Brenton" and like all of the hero WODs I give it that bit extra. Your comments at the end of the PDF brought a tear to my eye. I know hes up there somewhere, smiling. I lost my brother of 32 years of age, halloween night- 31 nov 2009, and it still feels like yesterday. Next time "Brent" "comes up, i'm pushing harder again, for you man.


wrote …

-- 1st NOVEMBER, type-o


replied to comment from eamonn boylan

@eamonn boylan Thank you for the heads-up on the typo. Which paragraph is that in? Thanks again. :)


replied to comment from eamonn boylan

@eamonn boylan Oops. You were referencing your own comment, weren't you? Apologies. :(


replied to comment from Andra Cecil

yep, I couldnt find an option to edit after I posted.


wrote …

Well done. Happy 12 year Class 79 SFD anniverdary to Jay. " Exercise ".
I hear the new firehouse is very nice.



wrote …

Here is a link to the family doing the Brenton workout


wrote …

Thank you for all of this


Jeff Vale wrote …

Thank you Andrea for doing such a great job on this story. Jimmy, Happy 12 year to class 79 & the station is good to go!
~ Jay Roughton

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