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January 09, 2011

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“You guys are going to get behind-the-scenes looks at what these people do when they’re not training,” Tony Budding says.

This three-part presentation is the backstory of the Tahoe Throwdown and features footage shot when the clock wasn’t ticking and the athletes weren’t going head to head in grueling tests of fitness.

Find out what goes into planning an epic event like this—or rather, how little planning is involved. According to Rory McKernan of CrossFit Media, “There’s no plan. There’s no script. We’re going to provide a venue for people to be competing, doing these things. It’s really kind of the essence of CrossFit.”

McKernan continues: “All these athletes are just super-cool people when you get to know them, and to have them all in one place at one time is probably just one of the coolest things we’ve ever done.”

“What’s the point of this? It’s to determine the fittest team in the world—no, I’m joking,” Dave Castro says. “The point is to have fucking fun, all right?”

For complete coverage of the Tahoe Throwdown, visit the CrossFit Games website.

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13 Comments on “Tahoe Throwdown: Rogue Vs. Again Faster Part 1”


wrote …

Excellent as always, Sevan. Looking forward to the rest of `em.

And kudos for making sure to follow Camille around so much. Smooth. :-)

- Mark


wrote …

GOD! I love these Lake Tahoe flicks, just watched it 3x’s in a row and love it a littel more every time. Yall are too damn funny. I am on board with Mr. Wallace, Camille has become my 97% reason why I may make it to the games. She will be my future wife, she just doesn’t know it yet =p.


wrote …

Apparently the team leader from AF didn't hear Dave Castro say the object of the event was to have fun. "We have to take points wherever we can get em.". What a douche.


replied to comment from Shawn Kubo

@Shawn .. . RELAX! I didn't notice Gilson present when Dave said that.


wrote …

Lipson is hilarious


wrote …

Damn, this is more entertaining then everything on TV. Everyone seem like awesome people and it looks like a ton of fun!


wrote …

Loved it when Camille called Dave Castro "pussy!". LOLZ!!!


wrote …

Sevan you rock! Why can't you be the director of the videos from the CrossFit games as well? As you did with the 2009 games.

Awesome work!

- Benjamin


wrote …

sevan please make a games 2011 movie!


wrote …

"You're gonna be chilly, honey"


wrote …

Loved it when Camille called Dave a pussy and an accidental WOD ensued! Way too much fun!


replied to comment from Shawn Kubo

Hey Shawn -

I am glad the video was engaging and got you pumped up enough to make a comment.

I just want to make sure one thing is clear - Jon Gilson is one of the most dedicated people in the CrossFit community. Gilson's contribution and daily commitment is second to none. Also, if you ever buy anything from Again Faster you will see that the customer service is AMAZING. Jon knows how to treat people!

The Tahoe Throw Down was intense and nobody wanted to lose, even if that meant sacrificing some FUN :) -



wrote …

Subterfuge? Really Jon? First time I've ever heard that word spoken in a sentence. Tip of the cap to you good sir.

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