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January 10, 2011

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“Both Rogue and Again Faster are equipment vendors within the CrossFit community who are highly supportive of the Games and of the community, and so it’s great to see them supporting the athletes and putting something like this together to promote the sport, the athletes and the community,” Dave Castro says.

This three-part presentation is the backstory of the Tahoe Throwdown and features footage shot when the clock wasn’t ticking and the athletes weren’t going head to head in grueling tests of fitness.

In Part 2, take a front seat for some trash talking as the events are about to start. Both teams are feeling the tension, and it only continues to mount throughout the day as the underdog Again Faster team starts to edge ahead of the Rogue Fitness team.

“Now that’s television!” Adrian Bozman says after Pat Barber gives a moving performance to win the final challenge of the day for Team Again Faster.

Watch behind-the-scenes moments throughout the first day, from more banter between Sevan Matossian and Castro to the cut-throat strategy behind each challenge and the revelry among the winners.

And there’s still another day to come.

For complete coverage of the Tahoe Throwdown, visit the CrossFit Games website

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7 Comments on “Tahoe Throwdown: Rogue Vs. Again Faster Part 2”


wrote …

Pat Barber a legend!!!!


wrote …

Sevan, your next video can u make it 4 hours long.
I dont mind downloading 10gb of hd footage :)


wrote …

Lipson is hilarious. The part when he said Mikko was a cheetah chasing a gazelle was so true. and so awesome haha. def my favorite part of the video.


wrote …

sevan....we need you to film EVERYTHING and make a movie. please. i will buy 10 copies myself.


wrote …

"alright time for the dynamics lets do it James" as they (Austin and James) run off doing but kicks together......that shit priceless.


wrote …

great vid keep it up!


wrote …

Sevan they chose the right dude to make the Vids for this I freaking love it, you are also too damn funny. Watching all these guys/gals is such Boost for the new Year. Thank you thank you thank you!!

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