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January 13, 2011

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In this new series, HQ trainer Pat Sherwood is searching the CrossFit community for real people with real stories to share. In Part 3, Sherwood is teaching at a Level 1 seminar in Texas at Alamo CrossFit, where he meets David Smith and Gary McMaster, both from San Antonio.

Both CrossFitters are involved in law enforcement and come from a classic physical training background. According to Sherwood, “It’s usually shocking how much a lot of us that just do the regular kind of classic PT are hurting in the flexibility department.”

“Flexibility, strength, endurance—it’s all a whole lot better than it was,” McMaster says.

Smith agrees that CrossFit has improved his fitness.

“I ended up having a knee replacement some years ago, and CrossFit has really brought my legs back,” he says. “The squats and the things that I’m able to do as far as flexibility—unbelievable.”

These two CrossFitters are attending the Level 1 in the hopes of bringing CrossFit into police training.

“We wanted to implement more of the CrossFit into the training academy because it allows us to be able to do more skills-type things,” Smith says. “We can put them through something like Fran in 10 minutes and move on to the skills area, and it gives us a lot of time. We’re still hitting all the elements that we want to in the workout.”

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Additional reading: CrossFit PT by Greg Glassman, published Dec. 1, 2004.

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7 Comments on “The Sherwood Chronicles: Community Part 3”


wrote …

Pat - I love watching your series on the CrossFit Community. Video's like this are inspiring and capture what an amazing community of athletes make up the CrossFit family. Keep up the good work my friend, I am looking forward to your 4th installment.


wrote …

Always a good video Pat, keep them coming !

to the media department - how about balancing the audio between the opening and content, just a little bit.


Chris Sinagoga wrote …

David and Gary you both sound like very down-to-earth people. always interesting to hear from the perspective of officers. thank you for the committment you made in law enforcement and hope you continue to enjoy CrossFit. i've been doing it for about six years now and there's still nothing better!


wrote …

awesome work all around gents!


wrote …

Thanks for this series, Pat. It's a genre of CF video, along with coaching and seminar videos, that I crave. They hearken back to the early videos when cert attendees were interviewed.


wrote …

Love learning about the community - Thanks Pat!


wrote …


If David is serious about trying to fully integrate a program into his department, he needs to get connected with Vince Cascella at Indy Shield Crossfit. They have the best formalized law enforcement / Crossfit set up that I have seen to date. You ran a cert there last summer.

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