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Frog Tuck With Jeff Tucker by Jeff Tucker with Jeannie Bassi - CrossFit Journal

Frog Tuck With Jeff Tucker

By Jeff Tucker with Jeannie Bassi

In Gymnastics/Tumbling, Videos

January 20, 2011

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“If you go forward in this thing, if there’s any kind of failure, that’s where you’re going to eat it,” Jeff Tucker cautions as he watches his gymnast, Jeannie Bassi, demonstrate the frog tuck. “So I always tell people all the time, ‘Throw a pillow in front of you.’”

Join Tucker and Bassi for more gymnastics progressions to develop midline stability and body control. Today’s progressions involve the frog tuck, which helps an athlete develop balance. Bassi demonstrates the frog tuck by placing her knees on the outside of her elbows with bent arms and progressing to a straight-arm tuck with knees placed behind the elbows. Tucker discusses how hand position plays a role in the balancing act and shows how to safely spot an athlete. Tucker and Bassi also address hyper-extended elbows so coaches can take appropriate precautions and athletes can maintain awareness for safety.

Watch as athletes at the CrossFit Gymnastics seminar try out frog-tuck progressions to develop their balance and body control. Then practice the movement to develop your own balance.

8min 58sec

Video by Again Faster.

Additional reading: Everyman’s Gymnastics: The Seminar by Roger Harrell, published Sept. 1, 2005.

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11 Comments on “Frog Tuck With Jeff Tucker”


wrote …

Jeff, you are awesome! Keep up the good work. You and the rest of the community are learning me so much and you, Jeff, are always very helpful. I'm very thankful!


wrote …

really digging this series, love the gymnastics instruction, well done!


wrote …

thanks very much


wrote …

so as someone with less than zero gymnastics experience, can i ask what the end goal of doing plaunche work is? Does it just allow you to build strength in a different way?


wrote …

erich, short answer, is yes... any body movements allow you to develop good strength from basic to advanced... based on just how disadvantaged the leverage is. this is a a start to loaded planche toward advanced straddle, toward full body extensions with legs together.


wrote …

AND, JEANNIE, good solid work! This was Jeannies first time to do any of this... Proud of her.



wrote …

thanks Jeff! I'm working some of this into my warmup routine just to mess around with it. It's pretty fun so far. Those planche push ups are something else


Katrina Burton wrote …

Great content!! Folks that want to get up to the tucked and even straddled planche... Take this video and practice, practice, practice!! Tucker has this skill dialed in an this progression works wonders!! Keep it up Tucker, always love your videos.

Kat ;)


wrote …

First things first, thanks for the pillow advice.


How forcefully should the knees be contacting the elbows in the second position? as my toes leave the ground I can only balance if my knees are pretty strong pushing against my elbows. Is that normal or should I work on balancing without that forceful contact?


wrote …

chad - your welcome. when you start these it may feel very forceful due to the strength requirement... over time it should be lighter. for that matter you can place the knees in between your arms and be more tucked and rounded back, over time as you learn the basic strength needs and get stronger - you can do longer holds.



wrote …


In most of the frog stands I've seen, the hands have been facing forward. Is there a reason why you do it to the side? I've got a 60s frog stand pretty easy now, and I'm working on the straight-arm version, and I'm noticing that I've got to do wrist prep beforehand or flexibility is a real issue. Should I keep working hands forward, or change position?


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