The Underground Strength Gym

By Zach Even-Esh

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January 07, 2011

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Zach Even-Esh, owner of the affiliate Underground Strength Gym, has found success training young athletes. He takes all athletes, from the best to the strugglers, and helps them reach their goals.

For Even-Esh, turning around the less-successful athlete is gratifying and might be even more satisfying than working with stars.

“Training athletes is something that I breathe and bleed. It’s what I love to do,” the man from “Dirty Jersey” says.

Even-Esh believes CrossFit will lead to success for sports athletes even though—and perhaps because—it’s a program that focuses on general physical preparedness. According to Even-Esh, “CrossFitters are so passionate about fitness. We should be the ones that are training athletes.”

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Additional audio: CrossFit Radio Episode 149 by Justin Judkins, published Dec. 8, 2010.

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29 Comments on “The Underground Strength Gym”


wrote …

Zach, you make our community stronger. Great video.

CrossFit Threshold


wrote …

Zach, you are awesome.

I've said before, if I had been introduced to Crossfit in high school someone else would've been paying for my college. Aside from the athletic gains though, the mental training and health knowledge are priceless. You're building men and women out of those kids.

I think of all the crap coaches out there, like the douche bags I put up with in high school. Those kids are so lucky to have you man. I hope more affiliates reach out to their local high schools, because we all know the kids could use the help... and, although cliche, they are our future.

GREAT video. Way to go Zach!


Tom Brose Brose wrote …

Such a great attitude! If there's a reason to go to Jersey, its Zach!


wrote …

I've been meaning to go to the USG for awhile, just to meet Zach. I've been a subscriber of his for awhile now. Feel like I know him already.


wrote …

Zach! Awesome inspiring video man. Your enthusiasm for what you do comes through in the video. I was fired up after watching this video!

This is literally exactly what I want and the way I am running my gym here in upstate, NY. We have all kinds of athletes wanting to get better and we are using Crossfit methodology to do it.


wrote …

Zach, you were a huge inspiration to me and my partner in opening CrossFit Battlefield. Everything from workout methodology and business mindset to getting started with basic old school equipment. Thanks for doing what you do and keep kickin' ass.



wrote …


I feel so good after watching that.


wrote …

Zach way to live your dream and make others come true.
When you work with high school athletes do you mainly work with them in the off season? If in season, how do you balance their training load if there sport/high school coach already has them doing conditioning/strenght work?
Thanks again.



wrote …

Super Powerful message Zach! Humble, hungry and passionate....dangerous combination! Keep it up! We’re waiting for you here in the ATX!


wrote …

Every time I speak with Zach or see one of his video/interviews, I am inspired and fired up about the endless opportunity to change peoples lives with CrossFit. Zach is a great Coach and mentor, and I feel lucky to call him a friend.


wrote …

You're very a very inspiring man Zach and I look forward to your videos. I've been training a group of young athletes at my facility for the past 2 months. Your positive message has definitely influenced my training methods and how I interact with these young people.


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

WOW guys, thnx 4 these killa comments!!!

I am HONORED, Humbled and I have NO clue why I got choked up watching this video!!

We filmed this about 5 or 6 weeks ago, and, some of the kids in the video have gone undefeated in their season thus far, others committed to colleges, others made varsity for first time, another was THE reason why his team won an entire match....

BIG thnx to CF Journal Crew for flying out here & taking the time :)

Much Respect to ALL :)




wrote …

This is an awesome perspective on helping others succeed!
Well done Zach!


wrote …

Awesome video, but way serious compared to what I'm used to from my subscription to USC! Zach rocking the big hair! Reppin' the dirty Jersey! The humor, the passionate approach, the enthusiasm, I could watch Zach's vids all damn day. Def on my list of gyms to visit, keep killing it Mr. Even-Esh!


wrote …

Motivational and Inspiring. Thanks


wrote …

Great Video..At CrossFit Talon, we agree with you Zach on "turning around the less-successful athlete is gratifying and might be even more satisfying than working with stars", watching these athletes accomplish things they never dreamed of and making to a level of athletics that others didn't believe they would. Thanks Zach!


wrote …

Great video.
Zach makes me want to be a better coach. Which is hard since all I do is live and breath training already.
Awesome stuff!


wrote …

Great video, Zach. We're fortunate to work with some young athletes at Hybrid and the energy that they bring to the table is nearly unmatched---routinely reminds me why I got into this endeavor.


wrote …


You da man! As most others here have said you are an inspiration. You're not the only one getting choked up watching this.

This is exactly what I want to do. You give me the confidence to follow my dream. I know this will work for me; I want to share this wonderful gift of CrossFit with as many people as I can especially the kids. I'm working with my own kids and wife now and wish I had a program like this when I was a kid.

By the way, you gym is really looking good; you've made some nice improvements.

Thanks for all you do,



wrote …

Inspiring Zach! From one (former) Jersey boy to another.


wrote …

zach your a badass in my book, one day i hope to be able to coach kids like you do. i just wish i had someone like you back when i was in high school


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

@Chris Ryan - BIG Hair = BIG Lifting bro!!! ha ha


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

Everyone :)

Thnx for the GREAT words and all the comments, I read them ALL!!

I am honored to be able to inspire and educate!!

Dave Castro helped make this journal come to life so I am grateful to him as always.

If I can help again or you guys want different stuff from me please tell the journal crew and I'll do it!!!



wrote …

It takes a person with a unique passion and vision to want to work to improve the athletes who are not the most successful on their team and to help them move much closer to their potential as an athlete. You are changing so many kids lives. Edison is very lucky to have you.


wrote …

Great video. You clearly have a passion for helping young athletes and are quite good at it. I am excited to see and learn more from you. Keep up the great work!


Kaine Tessier wrote …

Awesome. Love what you have done Zach. I wish i was training with u whilst in high school....tic


wrote …


your words sir, are freakin so powerful!
its because they are from the heart and anyone can see that bro.
thats why ppl are coming to you and why you are a success.
your team that trains with you are top notch because ThEiR teacher and coach that way.

keep on bro! hope to meet you some day soon.


wrote …

Zach is the man!

Big time asset to the community. I've never met him but he has been quick to email me with advice and timely encouragement whenever I have contacted him. His passion for what he does is contagious! I will have to get out to New Jersey at some stage!

Thanks Zach,

Irish Dave


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

Damn dudes, thnx again 4 the great words!!!

I hope every1's gym is pumpin!!!!!


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