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CrossFit Endurance Swimming: Three-Quarter Swimming Parts 3-4 by Chris Michelmore and Brian Nabeta - CrossFit Journal

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February 16, 2011

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Join CrossFit Endurance swimming coaches Brian Nabeta and Chris Michelmore at De Anza College in Cupertino, Calif., as they apply their endurance specialty to swimming.

In Part 3, the athletes continue learning three-quarter swimming in the classroom and in the pool. Michelmore emphasizes being patient in waiting for your hand to get to the third quadrant before switching your lead hand.

“I’m trying to teach the patience in this three-quarter position,” Michelmore says as he uses drills to help the athletes develop the proper swim stroke.

In Part 4, the athletes practice the stroke, and it’s no easy task. According to Michelmore, “The bottom line is everybody needs to work on this at all times. Olympians, our best athletes, still have the problem of bringing the hand down too soon.”

The athletes put everything they’ve learned into the freestyle stroke.

“We’ve taken all this complexity, all the things we’ve talked about, and now it’s simple now that you guys understand what your body is doing through the water,” Michelmore says.

After counting their strokes, the athletes notice improvement since the beginning of the seminar. According to participant Hollis Molloy of CrossFit Santa Cruz, he was “definitely more efficient.”

He describes the difference as “gliding as opposed to just like grabbing at water.”

Part 3
7min 27sec

Part 4
6min 56sec

Additional reading: Pukie at the Pool by Roy Wallack and Brian Nabeta, published April 18, 2009.

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7 Comments on “CrossFit Endurance Swimming: Three-Quarter Swimming Parts 3-4”


wrote …

Thank you Brian and Chris. This will help me tomorrow morning during my College swim class.


wrote …

I just watched all the recent swimming videos, and I can't wait to get in the pool tomorrow! Could you post a schedule laying out each drill we need to do, the order in which we need to do them, and the number of laps for each drill? Thanks!


wrote …

Glad you are excited about the videos. Chris and I put together the CFE swim seminar which would address all of your questions and then some. Our seminar schedule can be found on the CFE website. The next one will be held in Sacramento, ca but more to come across the US.


wrote …

Great video series. I've been mashing (as lifeguard elequantly puts it) for nearly three years and only now am I developing a stroke. I do triathlons but have not moved up in distances because of my swim. I will try this tomorrow.

What are your thoughts on: bouys, paddles and fins in order to become more efficient?

Coming to Miami anytime soon?


wrote …

Awesome!! I'm just back from the pool, having vastly reduced the number of strokes needed to cover a length.

Thank you both for a great progression and the encouragement in the discussions along the way. This is hardly a done deal; I need to work on the drills as well as the end product, but the difference is huge already in just my first casual attempt, in a post-WOD skill session.


wrote …

Excellent video series. I just worked these drills this morning after watching them. The cert sounds fantastic and I hope to get to one soon.


wrote …

Any chance of a video discussing breathing efficiency (every 2 strokes vs. every 3 strokes alternating sides vs. every 4 strokes or more?) Leaving the lead arm extended for a longer period of time seems to compress time available for breathing...
Many Thanks!

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