Air Squat with Sebastian

By Sebastian Rieder

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February 28, 2011

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Sebastian Rieder is a Level 1 staff member out of CrossFit Vienna. He shares how he found CrossFit and how CrossFit has changed his life. For him, one of the most profound changes CrossFit has brought is improved health.

“I haven’t been ill, like I’ve had no flu, no sickness, no nothing for, like, three and half years now since I changed my diet a bit,” he says. “It’s just the whole thing. I’m hooked.”

Rieder coaches the air squat at a Level 1 Seminar and points out how to correct squatting flaws.

“The one big thing is he’s definitely moving too fast to feel what’s going on with his body,” he says of an athlete brought to the center of the circle.

He slows the athlete down and helps him find and maintain his lumbar curve during the squat.

7min 3sec

Additional reading: Squat Clinic by Greg Glassman, published Dec. 1, 2002.



6 Comments on “Air Squat with Sebastian”


wrote …

Dr Rieder,

That was efficient.

Too bad Sevan didn't ask you about the exact formula for calculating average power..

Keep on rocking buddy!


wrote …

Chewing gum while instructing. No good.


wrote …

nice work. liked the superman on the floor and then back to squat to link the back extension on the squat.


wrote …

ad Jami&Danny: thanks guys. Efficiency is key ;-). Will i see you (Jami) in Stockholm??

ad Monkey: You are totally right. Forgot to put it out. Shame on me ;-(


wrote …

Sebastian, you are the Best Coach i have ever met ! Thanks for huge inspiration and all the knowledge you gave to us at Cr L1 course in Vienna 25-26.02.12


wrote …

Sebastian, the Austrian Beast, as Jami calls him :). I really enjoyed your teaching of both the theory and practice during CF-L1 training @ CrossFit Vienna last weekend. You are definitely a role model for newbies like me.

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