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Developing the Behind-the-Neck Split Jerk With Coach B: Part 1 by Mike Burgener with Dave Lipson - CrossFit Journal

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February 09, 2011

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Working his magic on Dave Lipson, Coach Mike Burgener refines the split jerk by breaking down the movement and rebuilding it.

In Part 1, footwork is the foundation, and Burgener coaches Lipson through a series of progressions he teaches to CrossFitters who attend his Olympic Lifting Seminars.

To develop the jerk, Burgener starts Lipson in a long lunge. He provides his coaching cues: make sure the front knee is over the ankle, the back foot is on its ball with the heel off the ground, and the torso is positioned perpendicular to the ground. From there, raising the back knee off the ground and raising the hands overhead mimics the landing position of the split jerk. Burgener calls this “stacking the bones.”

Next, Burgener has Lipson jump into the lunge position, adding speed before adding a PVC pipe or barbell. He says patience pays off, and he sometimes has athletes work for weeks only on the mechanics of jumping and landing.

“That’s how critical the feet are in this jerking position,” he says.

Finally, Burgener has Lipson work on his split jerk from behind the neck and discusses skill-transfer exercises for training the jerk.

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Video by Again Faster.

Additional reading: Teaching the Jerk by Mike Burgener with Tony Budding, published May 1, 2007.

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10 Comments on “Developing the Behind-the-Neck Split Jerk With Coach B: Part 1”


wrote …

File is corrupt, something wrong does not play the whole file. Or is it just my computer?


Alex Kourkoumelis wrote …

All the links are working for me. Great video. Burgener is an awesome coach.


wrote …

As always, great information from the Journal and Coach Bergener.

Is the "Behind-the-neck Split Jerk" a prefered method for putting weight overhead? I saw many of the '10 games competitors choosing this option in the overhead events. Why is this the case?

Coach Bergener started to reveal the answer to my question at the end of the video, but didn't complete the thought.



wrote …

This is a great video and all, but can't we see Lipson running a 5K? I mean CMON!


Michael Elliott wrote …

Great Video, I love watching coach Burgener coach! I have one question. Wouldn't it be beneficial for most Crossfiters to work on jerking with not only their strong leg forward, Dave's left leg in this case, but also work on jerking with the other leg forward? I liken this to dead-lifting with an alternate grip. I like to switch my grip, and actually use my unnatural grip a bit more often, as much as possible so I can develop better overall strength.

I believe if you are a competitive crossfiter then practicing with your strong leg forward would be best, because you are trying to get as much weight overhead as possible for competition. For the average crossfiter I see the Jerk as a tool for overall fitness where you are not necessarily trying to get massive weight over head, but using the movement as a tool for overall fitness. So why not practice with both legs? You may be sacrificing some weight, but the benefits may be worth the couple pounds you are not getting overhead. Or would you be sacrificing weight? I don't know, that's why I ask...


wrote …

Ben; You can normally jerk quite a lot more from behind the neck than from the front. Also, you'll be jerking with a wider grip, which is great for overhead squats


wrote …




wrote …

Coach Burgener - 400lb Olympic Press = Beast Mode! I love tough as nails old guys like coach!


Jason Seib wrote …

Yeah if you haven't checked out their gear yet, take a look. They're releasing some new shirts soon.


wrote …

wow...awesoem dave and coach b.

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