Flowmaster Chuck

By Sevan Matossian

In Coaching, HD Videos

February 07, 2011

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Who is CrossFit flowmaster Chuck Carswell? Join Sevan Matossian as he captures the day-to-day life of this HQ trainer.

As a flowmaster at Level 1 seminars, Carswell has his hands full orchestrating trainers, lecturing, keeping the proceedings on schedule and handling the top-secret test materials.

“You know, you don’t really get a chance to show what a flowmaster is all about until there’s a challenge, a problem or a schedule change, or somebody’s sick or somebody’s gotta really kind of jump in and fill the shoes of somebody else. That’s when you see what kind of flowmaster you’re kind of dealing with. But you don’t get those scenarios often,” says Carswell, who was a defensive back in the Miami Dolphins organization in the early ’90s.

Watch him in action at a Level 1 seminar in Milan, Italy.

Traveling is an integral part of Carswell’s job. His position takes him away from his home and family nearly every single weekend and sometimes during the week for overseas seminars. It requires amazing dedication, but Carswell also shows that he’s just as dedicated to his family.

Despite the sacrifices, Carswell says he loves CrossFit and his job.

“Besides football, there’s probably not a thing that I could’ve dreamed up that would be more appropriate for me that would fit my personality (and) fit my strengths and my weaknesses,” he says. “I love every minute of it, and hopefully that comes across every weekend at the Level 1s.”

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54 Comments on “Flowmaster Chuck”


wrote …

Chuck Carswell = rock star.


wrote …

Chuck C. Hell Yeah !!


wrote …

Chuck is the man and AWESOME at what he does! Best is the business


Adam Kayce wrote …

Yes! It's about time we get a feature-length Chuck-fest. Bring it!


wrote …

Great video.

But what's he using after dumping the weight during his Push Jerk workout?


replied to comment from Chris Jarvis

I was just about to post this exact same comment. Love the Chuck. Any idea what was that tool?


wrote …

I met Chuck during my level 1 certain at Trident CrossFit in VA. I was immediately approached by him while waiting in line and he struck up a conversation in his down to earth amenable manner. I knew right then that it was going to be a great weekend and I was not disappointed. Thanks Chuck for what you do and for the sacrificing the time away from your family to do it. Of course He is not the only person that provides such quality service to the community but he is a role model on how to do it.


wrote …

You are CrossFit, Chuck. I'm proud to be able to work with you and call you a friend. Thanks for all you do for the community and for all of us at HQ as well.


wrote …

Chuck is a consummate professional, not to mention an awesome dude and a great crossfitter. I had the good fortune of having him work my Level 1, and getting to hang with him on a few other occasions. The man has also created the most diabolically delicious chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream concoction that he introduced me to down at Guerrilla Fitness in Montclair. For that Chuck, I owe you big time. I also have one of "the worlds largest Reese's Peanut Butter Cups" on ice for you next time you're up at CFNE.



wrote …

Chuck, such a great video! So glad everyone gets to see how much of an amazing individual you are, and how much you mean to the community! Honored to work with you my friend!
Safe travels


wrote …

Unbelieveable coach and made my Lv1 a truly remarkable experience. I'd love to see him in an even more public role at the games as he is an awesome personality, you can't help but listen to what he has to say. Thanks Chuck!


replied to comment from Chris Jarvis


It lifts the bar off the ground so he can strip the weight easier.


wrote …

It takes alot of dedication, great job Chuck!


wrote …

Chuck is LEGIT. Thank you for all that you do brother.


wrote …

I don't know if you know but Chuck Carswell is kind of a big deal, people know him!! That's for you Mads!
Chuck thankyou for your feedback and guidance during my internship you truly are a master of your craft. I hope to work with you again soon!


wrote …

Great insight of the trials and joys of a flowmaster!


wrote …

Chuck! You are an inspiration and role model to us all! I feel blessed to have gotten to know you and work with you! I hope that our paths will cross many more times in the future, and look forward to being inspired by you many more times!


wrote …

Chuck is awesome!!


EC S wrote …

CHUCK! Can't wait to work with you again, soon. You just rock!


wrote …

All I can say to Chuck is: THANK YOU...for being you.


wrote …

As a new affiliate, one can only hope to follow in the footsteps of
such a great trainer and inspiration to so many.


wrote …

This is so great! I look forward to meeting Chuck some day.


wrote …

I'll never remember my Level 1 without remembering Chuck. Knowledgeable, friendly, and a consummate professional. Quite an asset to our community. Thanks for being you. :)


wrote …

Well done documentary! Great to see the dedication and passion you give, Chuck. Also, it was great having you lead my Level 1 last Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, GA -- and then this past weekend by helping out my dad at his Level 1 at CF Atlanta as well. Thanks for being a part of helping my family live better and fuller lives.


wrote …

I was there in Milan last month, for the Level 1 weekend, as an attendee but also as the interpreter for my italian fellows, so i was lucky enough to get to know Chuck a little bit better, and i can only say he's a great trainer, an awesome flowmaster but most of all he's an amazing person!! Thanks for your guidance and your advices, and also thanks for bearing all the flow-breaking translation interruptions during the lectures!


wrote …

Great video on Chuck and look forward to seeing others like this of the amazing Crossfit instructors and teachers.


wrote …

Watching this just wants you to be a better trainer for every day that goes on!
Even in rough times guys like you make us want to bust our asses out to get there! I'm truly giving my best to reach the Lv 2 coach within this year!



wrote …

Great to see a video on Chuck! Thanks for all you do. Hope we get to work together soon!

BOOM BooM Pow!


replied to comment from Matthew Radik

Right, but what is that called or where can I get one?


wrote …

A very inspirational movie. I hope to one day meet Chuck and can only hope to emulate his success, kindness, and passion for Crossfit and life.


Joseph Alexander wrote …

This was an absolutely fantastic video. What a tribute to Chuck and the community. Chuck your are a great colleague, mentor, and friend. I truly miss working with you. Thanks for all you have done, not only for me, but on behalf of the community as well. Sunday AM checkout...


replied to comment from Chris Jarvis

Hey Chris, I call that tool the back saver. I wish I could tell you where it was originally purchased. It was actually the only peice of equipment that I kept from purchasing my first "personal training" business. Nine years later came across CrossFit opened CrossFit Paragon and sold everything, pin loaded machines, ellipticals, everything but that tool. You can probably get it anywhere that sells power lifting tools, belts, etc.. Best of luck and give a shout if I can help with anything brother - nate@crossfitparagon.com


wrote …

Nearly every weekend, somewhere on the planet there’s a FM and a great group of trainers executing a Level 1 Course. These Courses don’t happen without a tremendous team. Host Boxes, Travel Coordinators, Training Staff, airlines, Rental Car Agencies, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, and of course COLDSTONE all play a vital role.

Sometimes the affiliates, military bases, home gyms, neighborhoods, beaches, schools, and parks etc. can be the unsung heroes in it all. These are places around the world where an expression of the CF program can be seen and heard. Places where the ego gets punished, passion for CF gets nurtured, friendship gets formed, health and functional capacity are restored, character is uncovered and developed, and often elite fitness attained. From these places and others, come the attendees I’m so privileged to lead at the CrossFit Level 1 Course.

Thanks guys


Sevan you're a NINJA!


replied to comment from GIORGIO MURRU

Do you know if there is a Crossfit in Rome, Italy? I am thinking about studying abroad there next fall.


wrote …

What a coincidence, I met Chuck this weekend at the Level 1 Cert in CF Atlanta. All I have to say is one thing: Guy's got an incredible talent, and just like the description says... All weekend long, one thing was always clear, he loves doing this.


wrote …


You are the man! Thanks for EVERYTHING you do for this awesome community and for all your help throughout the years!

We are gonna have a heck of a time this weekend :)


wrote …

Chuck knows leadership, a skill valued in any setting. CrossFit is lucky to have found him!


wrote …

Chuck, you make the CrossFit community and CFHQ Family a better place. Thanks for all of your leadership, passion and friendship.


wrote …

Chuck Carswell is the type of person that we all sit around talking about when he's not there...in a really, really great way. It's not ironic at all that just recently Sherwood, EC (btw-if I EVER get to a point where people know who I am just by signing HK B, I'll know I'm big time enough that I can just go throw in my towel and die happy) and I were talking about how you can spend an entire weekend with this man and realize that he's strategically avoided talking about himself for even ONE second.

If, by chance, you do find the opportunity to corner him into sharing something about himself with you, it always comes down to his family. The guy is a ninja. He has SO figured out how to strike the delicate balance of being completely dedicated to both his family AND the work he does.

One day, Chuck caught me at one of my low points of not knowing how to keep up with the pace of life when he suggested getting a personal assistant. I thought he was crazy. But, my initial reaction was, "Yeah, it WOULD be great to have some help driving kids around," for example. "NO," Chuck sternly said, staring me down with a sense of real urgency. "Don't be confused. You need someone to pick up all the endless details of life (laundry, dishes, errands) so that YOU have the time to drive the kids around and be with them more. Do you see what I'm saying now?" I felt like he had just injected my soul with some kind of life-correcting-serum. "Roger. I get it." Unfortunately, I never got around to hiring the personal assistant (anyone wanna' volunteer???)...BUT, I look at life completely different now: driving 45 minutes to a kids game is no longer a burden but an opportunity to have a really solid conversation with them, brushing teeth everyday is a time where I get to watch how they're growing up and not just a "chore" that we need to check off the list at night.

Chuck is that sort of quiet, yet unbelievably powerful presence for so many of us and I am SO grateful that Sevan and HQ have chosen to celebrate this guy that we are so lucky to have around us.


wrote …

Sevan - excellent stuff as always.

Heather - thanks for sharing Chucks advice. Gave me a boost too. And you are world famous in my living room.

Chuck - the FM from my Level 1. You introduced my to the worlds coolest animal - the Honey Badger and live at the coolest gun address (1911).

Seriously - You inspire by being you.

If I am ever in doubt I will from this moment on ask my self;

"What would Carswell do?"


wrote …

Great video of an amazing man, thank you for all you have done and continue to do for me and our CrossFit community; we are better because of you and your leadership.


wrote …

Chuck was awesome at my cert. Still use his quote, "I am the only machine in my gym!", love it!


replied to comment from Carl Paoli

Chuck looks like an awesome guy, well done to matt aswell whos a great trainer at crossfit velocity

i'm thinking they'll have one of these videos for Carl soon, every video i've watched from him he delivers the same humble, focused and structured guidance as Chuck, big fan of Carls work


wrote …

Chuck is the real-deal!

It's always a pleasure when our paths cross. Hope to see you soon!



wrote …

Awesome Chuck!

Next time in Milan..Duomo. Always a pleasure to work with you!


wrote …

I didn't watch the video but saw it first hand, with Pablo, in the ATL this weekend. 2 minutes after I entered the building I had shook hands and spoke with at least half the trainers and Chuck was one of them.

The entire team seemed to feed off the energy of the other. I was shocked at how relaxed they made everyone. Even at my age I was a grunt nervous about being around and performing in front of some of CrossFits elites. Chuck and crew put that to rest within minutes and we were all just folks.

I was and still am truely impressed with how well the weekend went.

On a side note.

Rich! 127 DU in a row? Dude I was eating lunch and that shit made me tired. That ain't normal man.


wrote …

Great Job Chuck! Had you for my level 1 and you were awesome! Keep up the the good work.


wrote …

wow great video and tribute to the man !
happy to have been part of it in Milan
( by the way i have 3 daughters...not 5...got carried away there.......!!! )


wrote …

Chuck you are the real deal!!!

Thanks for showing me how to do a real cheat night ;-)
Looking forward to see you again here in europe!


wrote …

First I would like to give props to the camera man and the editors for such a fantastic video.

Second Chuck you seem to have such a wonderful family it reminds me of my wife’s.

Third I have SERIOUSE question for Chuck and everyone else. This is not at all negative please understand where I am coming from. First off I am a Jamaican/Dominican SSgt in the US Air Force deployed in Afghanistan right now. I have been lucky to have decent time between jobs to search the Crossfit Journal and have downloaded over 20 gigs of videos because streaming sucks here lol. I loved the Tahoe series and all the other vids but I noticed something. Why is this the first video I have seen/noticed with a Black man/woman as the main focus? Is it because it's February? (ok bad joke lol) I noticed the WHOLE Tahoe crew was all pretty much white, I asked myself why this is. Shoot did no Black or Hispanic make top 10? Where some invited and could not go? Kristen is Asian sure, but why was there no diversity in the group?

I am just saying it is nice to look up to someone you can relate to. If you’re not from New Hampshire or in the Military what else can I relate to? Most athletes in professional sports happen to be black. But what happened in Crossfit? Are none of us up there? I LOVE Heather Bergeron (go New England!) but she didn't make it to the games sadly 2010, but Tamera was a BEAST in 2009 and 2010 games didn't she make top 10? Was she not invited? I can't access the Crossfit Games website from here it’s blocked but I think she did.

Anyway I FINALLY have someone and that's Chuck! First time I seen him and NOT because he is the first I seen but because of what I heard, read, and saw. But the question needs to be answered by HQ, other trainers, or you Crossfit Video Celebs please. Hook this Airman up with some answers please.
Thank you


replied to comment from Alleem Humber

Thanks for the feedback. And yes, Sevan made a fantastic video.

You raised several questions and I will try to answer most of them.

1. You are on the right path. The history of CF is more than where it all started. It also has to include who was there. And that takes some digging, asking, and listening. Continue your search through the Journal and you will find other articles and videos. Also, use the Main Page. It goes back as far as 2003. In there are several Pics and vids of men and women (some non Anglo) getting after it and being good examples of what this community is about. You won’t have to look far if you go through the Affiliates list. By the time you click on the 4th affiliate, you will have come across one of the Best human beings on the planet- who happens to fall in the category you seek.

2. The Tahoe Throwdown wasn’t solely about The Games. I believe it was really about Team Again Faster and Team Rogue. The understanding I have is each chose their own team and not all chosen were Games competitors.

3. Not going to touch the ethnicity of the Top 10.

4. Heather was 8th in 2010. I didn’t see Tamara in 2010. Wish you had access to the Games site.

5. Finally, thank you for your services in Afghanistan and your role as a hero to those of us who enjoy freedom.

Espero que esto te ayude.
Gracias por todo y saludos!


wrote …

Chuck and I went to HS together (he was a year or two ahead of me). I remember him being a great guy and a leader then and he still is today. He was the FM at my Lvl 1 and got to speak with him. He lives nearby me and will hopefully come to the box I go to and crush us all in a WOD.

Keep up the good work, Chuck!!


replied to comment from Chuck Carswell

First let me apologize to Miss Heather. She is FANTASTIC and I am proud as hell the East Coast represented in the games so wonderfully. I was going off her recent video talking about the games and Tamara and got my facts crossed and all wrong. So again I am sorry.

Wow, I am so overwhelmed and happy that you Chuck took the time yourself to answer my questions. I fear no man, but I was a little afraid to read your response, for some reason thinking it could be taken the wrong way and I would be attacked. I also want to apologize for the late response. I am taking some college courses while here and made myself promise no internet till my mid-term was done. Hey got an A though lol.

I will do as you said and look around more on the site. I posed the same questions to the Kandahar Crossfit trainers from Canada here and they gave me some good feedback on the issue as well. Long story short they said look at hockey (Canadians lol), golf, and rugby. That it kind of depends where you are and Crossfit is still up and coming and has not hit everyone yet. Shoot I only found this back in 2007 myself! They told me to strive and become the Tiger Woods of Crossfit. We all laughed but deep down, that has always been my goal. Now I have a name for it lol.

God, I am relieved about your point on the Tahoe series. I won’t lie; I took it very personal there was not more diversity there. But that falls on Again Faster and Rogue companies not HQ Crossfit. Still kind of hot about it, but then again how did Woods feel starting up in golf lol =p.

And you’re welcome for my service. I love doing what I do every day. I would like to thank you and HQ personally for all their support you give to all military. If I may add, after I have done my part here I have this strong desire to look into what you do. I love to travel and teach AND kick ass in Crossfit. So who knows you may be my boss someday =).


wrote …


There is something about you that is absolute and blinding. You respect others, yourself, and of course CrossFit. Your sights are set on perfection with your emotions set on understanding of all and yourself. Your comment on parenting says so much about your awareness of self-responsibility in affecting others. You said parenting is almost mostly your reaction to your kids rather than the instruction. Said like a true master. Without you rivers would run over edge, trees would not stay rooted, and people would not have inspiration to guide them.

I hope to someday shake your hand as I remain involved with CrossFit and continue to my Level 2 (I vowed to redo my Level 1 before that happens). I am going to Chiropractic school in Jan 2012 and when I graduate (even while I am attending school) I want to bring the true purpose and philosophy to CrossFit. I'd like the chance to explain it to you via email or whatever mode of communication.

Best wishes to you, someone I dont know but have loads of respect for, and ofcourse your family.

Jason T

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