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Climb This Way by Adam Neiffer - CrossFit Journal

Climb This Way

By Adam Neiffer

In Coaching, Exercises, Videos

February 05, 2011

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The rope climb in the last event of the 2010 CrossFit Games derailed some top competitors who didn’t have the technique to scale it efficiently. Some had spent plenty of time on the rope and made short work of it, while others had left it out of their training regime and struggled.

If you’re Rich Froning Jr.—second fittest man on earth—you’d probably just scale the thing with no hands, but even he’d admit that proper technique would have helped him out.

Follow Adam Neiffer of CrossFit Fort Vancouver as he walks some clients through proper rope-climb technique.

4min 57sec

Additional reading: The Do-It-Yourself Climbing Rope by Lincoln Brigham, published Dec. 27, 2009.

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5 Comments on “Climb This Way”


wrote …

I love see people get a rope climb! I love it so much that our (Carport Crossfit) "lost & found" is @ the top of the rope. We almost got so much stuff that we are going to keep it in a box and they will need to climb the rope to get it out of the box.


wrote …

Teaching non-climbers to become climbers looks like fun.


wrote …

Adam, nice teaching/coaching.

I really like your calm, simple and strait-forward style of instruction.


wrote …

Thanks for the tips! I tried out the leg-wrap technique yesterday and was pleased with how much more easily I could scale the rope.


wrote …

Great block of instruction, Adam!

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