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February 14, 2011

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Original Firebreather Greg Amundson sits down with the camera at Reebok CrossFit One. He shares what it was like to be an original student of CrossFit founder Greg Glassman and what his experiences have taught him about leadership.

In Part 1, Amundson shares the evolution of his positive self-talk strategy. He says the early days of his CrossFitting were physically and mentally challenging.

“Performance on demand is essentially what it was, and it was hard because I didn’t want to let Coach down,” he says.

According to Amundson, the expectations, competitiveness and workout anxiety took their toll. He regained his competitive edge only after changing his focus to factors he could influence. For him, that was: “First my mind, then my body, then my performance as an athlete.”

In his captivating storytelling style, Amundson shares his experiences with leadership, including the mental fortitude shown by elite CrossFitters at SEALFIT’s Kokoro Camp.

17min 31sec

Video by Again Faster.

Additional reading: Coaching the Mental Side of CrossFit by Greg Amundson, published July 7, 2010.

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46 Comments on “What It Takes to Be a Leader: Part 1”


wrote …

This is unreal, can't wait for more of this!!


wrote …

Simply awesome!


wrote …

Eloquent Mr. Amundson. Very influential talker. I'm impressed. Thanks. You've got me boosted for next workouts!


wrote …

Wow. That was great. I can't wait for part two.


wrote …

Greg is the backbone and original face of CrossFit, and we are lucky for that. What an inspiring, amazing leader; I am honored to call you a friend.


wrote …

If anyone ever has the chance to see his full speaking engagement, do it!! Amazing guy and very inspirational. Thank you Greg.


wrote …


I am so glad to have met you in person. You are a inspiring spirit. Thanks for sharing your experience though these stories.


wrote …

Amazing talk! I needed to hear that today. Thank you Greg for the inspiration!!!


wrote …

Great video Greg and thanks for the talk at the gym tonight. Looking forward to the other parts to this interview!


wrote …

Wisdom...simple, precise, and direct. Thanks Greg.

Love the "Firebreather" T-shirt. where can I buy one.


wrote …


You are an amazing individual and inspiring leader in the CF community. Your presentations are always engaging and your enthusiasm is infectious. Keep up the wonderful work.


Luke Davis wrote …

What a great message. Great job Greg! Can't wait for more. Hopefully there are certs like this one day for us...


wrote …

Bloody brilliant. "I can do it." It's a lesson learned and relearned. I wish I could say it was habit now in all areas of life. Maybe not now, but it will be. I can do it.


wrote …

Greg you are an amazing speaker. The mental aspects of sport (and life) are just as important as any other. Yet, in sport we spend 95% of the time on the physical. Take time to get your thoughts in line and your body will follow.


wrote …

As a fellow police officer, Greg is a huge inspiration and he just relay information in such a way that makes you want to go and break all your PR's. I can't wait to see him live on Feb 26 in Greenville, SC. I'm driving 4 hours for a 4 hour course and then driving back 4 hours and doing it happily...because it may be the most important couse I ever go to. Can't wait!!!!


wrote …

did you see how the wall ball targets looked like mickey Mouse ears on his head?


wrote …

I met Greg at the Strongman Seminar at CrossFit Overload.
He is so cool and so down to earth. Powerful yet humble guy.
Greg is a badass in the most positive way. One of my top CrossFit heroes.
Keep up the great work Greg!


wrote …

Thanks to Reebok CrossFit One for the invite to this seminar. It was a pleasure to meet Greg and hear what he had to say. It's really something to hear someone speak so passionately about a topic. Greg literally got goosebumps everytime he introduced a new topic because he was genuinely PUMPED about it. Infectious, and powerful speaking.

First class event, first class facility, and awesome CrossFitters down there in Canton MA! Keep up the great work.


wrote …

WOW!! Chillingly Perfect.

Thank you Greg for being so passionate and sharing it with the world.

Shane and Andrea Cross


wrote …

I'm half way through "Think and Grow Rich"... You would think the book
was written about Greg A.
What he speaks is not only truth but a huge eye opener for those
that need that extra edge. I would pay good money to have the
entire complete video or just see him talk in person.
Priceless stuff!


wrote …

Thanks Greg, that was awesome man.


replied to comment from Kevin Daigle



wrote …

Thanks Greg. You are deffintly a great motivator.


wrote …

Fantastic, well-spoken, and VERY motivating. Self-talk is probably the most important thing (and toughest) to master. Thanks for the great lesson!


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

Greg is 150% legit!

The dude is humble and a BEAST at the same time. His mental toughness impresses me beyond words.

Psyched to finally meet him and shake his hand!



wrote …

Greg, I am a better for having watch that. Thank you.


wrote …

excellent video! loving this segment


wrote …

I can never get enough of Greg A. Thanks for all you do for the community!


wrote …

Thanks Greg! Well spoken... Looking forward to Part 2.


Jason Khalipa wrote …

Great video!!!! Thank you for sharing Greg.


wrote …

i once commented on a motivational speach from Greg, stating how i disagreed with it. after watching this video i was instantly compelled to try this method in workouts, thiking that i often tell myself that weight is to heavy, i'll go slow on that. or i'm bad at handstand push ups, my time will be slow. the next day at the box, while doing the wod i continually told my self 'you can do better', i applied this in my workout today also and they both felt so good! i withdraw my comment on a previous video from Greg, an extremely talented public speaker with great priorities. can't wait for the second installment


wrote …

Simply inspiring!


wrote …

That was awesome. "I can do it". Thanks Greg. That was very inspirational and motivating. I'm going to go in today with a different mindset. I can't wait for part II.


wrote …

I so needed to see this video today. Thank you my friend.


wrote …

This is a great video. Thanks for sharing


wrote …

motivational, needed that. thanks.


wrote …

One of the best videos in the journal. Thanks so much! can't wait for the next installment


wrote …

There is a lot of self-help psychological garbage out in the world, but this is definitely truth.

"I think, therefore I am." - Aristotle


wrote …

Excellent...just excellent!!!


wrote …



wrote …

Thanks, Greg!

I'm Gona Do It!


wrote …

I like the heels Jon Gilson is wearing


wrote …

That's one incredible speaker! Thanks Greg.


wrote …

Really cool and useful! Thanks for sharing, Greg!



wrote …

Absolutely great speech! Loved every minute of it.

However; your zigtechs took away from it bro.


Joey Dussel wrote …

When talking about something like the happiness of your spouse (or someone else you care about) does that fall in Sphere of Influence or Sphere of Concern? To me it seems like you can't control how they feel...but you can take certain actions to affect their mood to a degree.... To me it seems like almost everything else in life falls neatly into one sphere or the other but I can't figure this one out on my own. Maybe you cover this somewhere in the seminar and it wasn't covered in this video.

Thanks, Joey Dussel

PS Anyone can chime in on this with your opinion. Thanks

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