The Reverse Hyper: Part 2

By Kelly Starrett

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February 11, 2011

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Strength legend Louie Simmons swears by the reverse-hyper machine he invented after breaking his back. In this two-part video, Kelly Starrett explains why the device works and why you might want to put it in your gym.

In Part 2, Starrett explains how you should use the machine. The goal isn’t to drive hard right out of the bottom but rather to let momentum elevate the weights before the muscles engage to finish the movement. Athletes also shouldn’t over-extend their spines by swinging to a great height. A neutral position is best for the spine, and the finishing position is probably lower than you think.

Finally, Starrett looks at how the hyper can use traction to restore spinal movement. By creating motion, you can encourage more blood flow and healing—which is important for athletes who are regularly loading their spines with big weight.

7min 8sec

Additional reading: The Athletic Hip by Dan Hollingsworth, published Nov. 22, 2010.

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Damn, anyone know how to construct a quality home made reverse hyper?


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Ohhh I could so use that!!!!


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If a person had herniated discs and limited motion due to that, what would be the signal that using the reverse hyper would be beneficial?


If you have a herniated disc(s), use caution. When the reverse hyper is in traction, particularly if it is loaded with much weight it can pull farther than your comfortable range of motion and cause extreme pain if you have swollen nerves from a disc injury. Start out light and make sure inflammation/other signs of acute injury have gone down before using the reverse hyper.


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Insightful info about WHY a reverse hyper works. Anyone that's used one (correctly) knows that they work, but Kelly did a great job explaining why it works and some other benefits of using one or having your clients use one. Thanks Kelly!


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Thanks, Kelly!


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Kelly, great video, thanks. Can you get too far forward and the machine and get pulled into to much flexion at the end range of the movement? Sometimes I feel like I get pulled a bit more than I like at the end range. Troy, if you look for corevolution on Craiglist you will be a few short mods from having a cheap reverse hyper. Got mine for $50.


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Greate video instruction Kelly Thank's fore sharing this on the journal, Keep up the good wor and remeber to SMILE :-)Have a nice CrossFit day in Santa Cruz

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