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February 08, 2011

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Join Mikko Salo, the 2009 CrossFit Games champion, on his road trip across America—but this trip isn’t quite the same as the CrossFit Journal’s last Road Trip with Dave Lipson, Rob Orlando and Dave Castro. A man of few words, Salo is rarely distracted from his quest to better his training.

With another day at CrosFit Columbus, home of 2010 Games champion Graham Holmberg, Salo and Holmberg have another chance for a workout together. Today, it’s going to be snatches and a long Hero WOD.

In Part 1, the athletes share differing strategies for their Olympic lifting, including their warm-ups.

“See, these guys are going from the ground right now. I like to go make sure my shoulders are all warmed up, my squat’s feeling real good, and then I’ll start pulling from the ground,” Holmberg says.

The two champions then try to set new records for a one-rep-max snatch.

In Part 2, Salo and his fellow coach Juha Kangasniemi watch Holmberg coach his athletes.

“I want to learn how people teach and take some parts of that teaching to myself and be better as a coach,” Salo says.

After class, it’s on to another workout, the hero WOD Whitten—a long, demanding workout.

Afterward, Salo is as humble as always.

“Good workout. This was a really great day. Two sessions with Graham, so I’m really, really honored that we trained with him,” the Finn says.

Part 4
14min 19sec

Part 5
12min 48sec

Additional reading: The Burgener Warmup by Mike Burgener and Tony Budding, published Jan. 1, 2007.

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18 Comments on “Mikko Salo: Coming to America Parts 4-5”


wrote …



wrote …

It was awesome seeing these Graham and Mikko train together while he was in town. Hoping to see alot more of it during the run up to the games.


wrote …

I need to proof read things before I post them!


wrote …

Great stuff guys!!


wrote …

Graham, a humble comment from a fellow affiliate-
your set up and start on your snatch may be a little "too dynamic". If you watch the video of yourself, before you lift off you take a big pop forward, riding up on your toes. It doesn't seem like you fully settle back on your heels when you drive through the initial deadlift portion. This may be setting the whole lift up a little forward and cause you to miss forward more than you should.

Look at how low Mikko's hips are when he begins his liftoff vs yours. I think you can still do the dynamic start but force yourself to really sit back before you go, it may help.

Awesome video.


wrote …

nice vid.

am I the only one to be really surprised and impressed that Graham is lifting more/same as Mikko on the Snatch? I would have thought this would definitely have been Mikko's event...particularly given how much stronger and more secure his technique appears to be

nice work Graham


wrote …

mind you. the cyborg then smokes him in the Hero WOD. I don't think Mikko wants to lose two in a row.

Great films


wrote …

Excellent work, as always.

I must say, I loved the "Please keep door closed" sign on the door that stayed open throughout the video. :-)

- Mark


wrote …

It actually is refreshing to see the big guys miss lifts. Sometimes it feels like they're always hitting it hard and making big lifts while some of us mortals struggle to hit good lifts. Graham was really pulling that bar high though. I think he's capable of doing 235 right now, he just really needs to find his pocket in the bottom position.


wrote …

Finland has like 3x's the coffee consumption of the US. I love it when Mikko throws out strange (and true!) Finnish facts like that. . .


wrote …

Are these guys doing any swimming?


wrote …

So when is Rogue going to bring over Annie to train with Kristen? That too would be epic.....just saying.

Andrea and Shane Cross


wrote …

"Forging Elite Finnish"---I love it!


wrote …

Nice Video, Graham I am getting better everyday on my Overhead lifts, watch out! HAHA!



Diego Lopez wrote …

Can't get enough of this Mikko series. I'm literally humming the theme song throughout the day.


wrote …

Mikko was asked - What was your goal?

Answer - For Graham to PR.


Truly exemplifies CrossFit.


wrote …

Before watching this video, I knew Finnish people drinked like 7 cups of coffey per day, Mikko just confirmed it =)


wrote …

Anyone know the electronic music in part two? I want that.

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