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February 20, 2011

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“During the workout, when I’m cuing, I’m looking to keep it as simple ... as possible,” says HQ trainer Miranda Oldroyd. “Unless it’s a safety thing, during the workout I don’t want to slow down their power output, so I’ll try to keep it as simple as possible.”

Join Oldroyd to see how she manages the group and keeps them on task to prepare for a workout. For an AMRAP of clean and jerks, pull-ups and high wall-ball shots, Oldroyd circles up the class to start with med-ball clean drills. Her first cue is to start with the ball right between the feet.

“Remember, the further it gets away from you, the heavier it is,” she says.

From there, she drills the jerk with the med-ball. She cues her athletes to squeeze their butts when they jump for full hip extension.

“If you squeeze your butt, you have to open your hip all the way. If you’re broken at your hip, you can’t squeeze your butt.”

After the drills, her class warms up to their workout weights, scaling as needed so everyone should be in a close range with the rounds they can complete in 20 minutes.

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Additional reading: Skill-Based Warmups for Groups by Tony Budding, published Sept. 1, 2006.

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13 Comments on “Classroom Management With Miranda Oldroyd”


wrote …

I really like that you keep it simple and the cues are short. When a client learns the clean they have a hard time with getting under the ball and the laces out is a great way to keep from them pulling there arms in and trying to curl it. It should be a straight line from point A to B. Thank you for the tips!

Michael Timothy Conville
Motion CrossFit
Park City, Utah


wrote …

I love CF801!!! Been there a few times. Have a great thing going on there. Superb coaching from every trainer and just a great atmosphere.


wrote …

Had Miranda for my Level 1 Cert in Seoul, Korea back in December. She's top-notch. Great coaching cues/tips and an amazing attitude!


wrote …

Love Miranda's smile and sense of humor.

When was the last time you heard the phrase "Great with child" in a Crossfit video?


wrote …

yayyyy Miranda!!
Tyson is such a good demo girl.
CF801 is solid :-)


replied to comment from Mark Wallace

I'm stealing that phrase.


wrote …

Sweet and Simple. Love it. Thanks for sharing coaching/cues.


wrote …

Loved this video.
Would be great to see more like this from different boxes - great to see different coaching styles.
Wish we could clone Miranda.


wrote …

miranda is a sexy beast ;)


wrote …

yea! Miranda!


Frank DiMeo wrote …

Thanks, Miranda!


wrote …

Thanks so much Miranda. As a trainer who works with clients with intellectual disabilities this article has been awesome. I have to say that I love training with these clients. One thing I'd like to add is that some (not all) of my clients with intellectual disabilities have great form. This is because they're used to not being able to understand and somehow can clear their minds of preconceived movement patterns before they train (I hope this makes sense).

Anyway, thanks for this article and keep them coming because it's very easy to feel like you're working in isolation with this client base.


wrote …

My children were looking for a form yesterday and discovered a website that has a searchable forms database . If others are searching for it too , here's

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