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Challenge Yourself to Something New by Kosta Xigagos - CrossFit Journal
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“I came here the first day as an ex-military guy ... and the first week just kicked my butt,” Kosta Xigagos says of his first CrossFit experience.

A CrossFit Pleasanton athlete, Xigagos is an amputee who recently competed in the Southern Powerlifting Federation’s 4-in-1 Powerlifting Event, which included divisions for CrossFit, raw, and single-ply and double-ply suits. He is the first amputee to complete a powerlifting meet.

“I wanted something to push myself, something to look forward to, you know, as far as a sport, and this is pretty much what I can do as a sport, so that’s why I got into the powerlifting side,” Xigagos says.

According to Xigagos, more CrossFitters should try competing at powerlifting meets.

“You challenge yourself in CrossFit every day to certain workouts, so why not challenge yourself to something new?” he asks.

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Additional reading: Unleash Your Power by Mike Warkentin, published Jan. 20, 2010.

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7 Comments on “Challenge Yourself to Something New”


wrote …

NICE!! Always motivates me to see other amputees in CROSSFIT!! Anyone know how i can get a hold of kosta?
Semper Fidelis

Ben Lunak


Michael Miner wrote …

BADASS, way to go Kosta


wrote …

Awesome. I think this ties back well to the other posts by Greg Amundson about getting your head right. In particular, the story he told about the small guy, the long hike and the mantra "I can do it." Kosta can clearly "do it" and he is. My new mantra, when it comes to "challenging myself to try something new" has to become "WTF is my excuse."


wrote …

Kosta, those are great numbers you put up in that meet!


wrote …

kosta = physical and mental strength



Mark Houdlette wrote …

Kosta, this is truly motivational. Rock on!


wrote …

extremely inspirational!

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