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By Various

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February 23, 2011

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Leave your tights, weightlifting shoes and iPods at the door. In this camp, your name doesn’t go on the whiteboard. It goes on your plain white T-shirt.

This is SEALFIT’s Kokoro Camp.

On the line to accept that challenge are CrossFitters including Mikko Salo, Kristan Clever, Rob Orlando, Tommy Hackenbruck, Caity Henniger, Jimi Letchford and Greg Amundson.

In Part 5, the athletes learn about leadership.

“Just having the ability to bring people together toward a common mission is not enough. We want to live by a specific code, and that code embodies certain values,” says SEALFIT founder Mark Divine. “Values such as courage, honor, integrity—these are values that are important to understand your true nature.”

The athletes struggle to stay in the game and complete the camp. They are pushed to the edge by the challenges but find the strength to continue through the help of their peers and encouragement from their instructors.

“Our lives are the sum total of small decisions made either well or poorly. And along this path, we become leaders because we earn the right, we earn the trust, we master ourselves—that’s warrior leadership,” Divine says.

7min 40sec

Additional reading: The Mind Game by Steven Shrago, published March 27, 2010.

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16 Comments on “SEALFIT Part 5”


wrote …

This series demonstrates why it's so important for military members to be fit. When you're physically fit, the mental game becomes easier. It's easier to be mentally tough when your physical capacity is well above the tasks that face you.


wrote …

This awesome series became legendary with that super smooth camera footage at the end.


wrote …

LOL! Who doesn't like long walks on the beach in the moon light? Classic. That's mental toughness.


wrote …

Great quote at the end about warrior leadership by Divine


wrote …

so if 5 parts get us 10 hours in, does that mean that there will be 25 parts to showcase the entire 50 hour weekend??


Erik Larson wrote …

Yup, 20 to 25 episodes... Hack keeps it light and sometimes its important to do just that when things get rough. It certainly helped to be CrossFit for this epic event, however it didn't guarantee getting you to the finish line. I went to the camp for my 45th and quitting was not an option. There were so many moments when my darkside wanted to take me out. The mental game was absolutely awesome. The ability to dig deep and find even more of myself than I knew existed was something I shall not ever forget. Put Kokoro Camp in your bucket list. You won't regret it...


wrote …

Fucking awesome! I love this series!


wrote …

Cameraman: OUT

This is truly fun to watch, and not just because of the camera work.


Frank DiMeo wrote …

Proud of all them!


wrote …

Incredible you guys! Both the athletes and the camera and production guys....amazing and fun to watch!


wrote …

Incredible you guys! Both the athletes and the camera and production guys....amazing and fun to watch!


wrote …

This stuff just gives me the goose bumps!! Great footage!! This is one of many many reasons I love Crossfit!!


wrote …

Great series. I'd love to see a closeup of the diagram being drawn on the whiteboard...


replied to comment from Erik Larson

Erik... Great job! I'm in my forties and feel I haven't been mentally challenged in awhile. Sounds like it was worth it for you.


wrote …

These videos are awesome they remind me of my U.S. Navy days.


wrote …

This video series hooked me into getting the journal subscription. I'm def interested in getting my mental game rolling and this video made me want to get get back to work so I could reach my potential. AGAIN!

The only video I've seen that's even better is the David Goggins video on Youtube. It's inspired me countless times and it will inspire you too.

I was just wondering is there any way to get all the information on the Board where the SEAL instructor is getting specific about Leadership and Mental Toughness? I'd love to learn more about what's on the dry erase board. Anyone???

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