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February 17, 2011

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In this new series, HQ trainer Pat Sherwood is searching the CrossFit community for real people with real stories to share. Today he is in Brooklyn, N.Y., at a Level 1 seminar, where he talks to a group of athletes who are eating lunch. When asked about their nutrition, most say they try to watch their food quality and dabble in the Paleo Diet.

Says Kevin, the youngest attendee, “I’ve got a slow metabolism, so I’ve been playing with the Paleo Diet on and off for the past three to four months about, and after this (seminar) I’m going to start playing with ... the Zone Diet. And I’m going to try to incorporate that and hopefully one day be as good as Austin (Malleolo) or (Chris) Spealler.”

The athletes try to practice some post-workout nutrition, but a couple say they rely solely on whey protein. Sherwood says they should try adding some carbohydrate to their post-workout nutrition.

“You want to get some carbs in there, too. It’s actually a really good time to eat some sugar,” he says.

Sherwood also says Kevin shouldn’t get too caught up in his nutrition at only 17 years old.

“You still have to live your life a little bit. Hey, no matter how old you are, a bowl of Frosted Flakes is delicious,” he says.

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Additional reading: Optimized Post-Workout Nutrition for the CrossFit Athlete by Chris Mason, published Mar. 11, 2010.

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5 Comments on “Sherwood Chronicles: Community Part 4”


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Alex Kourkoumelis wrote …

Damn, they made me do dumbbell Fran at my level 1 too. Deceiving.


wrote …

I'd love to be made to do a dumbbell Fran because my time was so fast. Haha.


wrote …

Thats not what we heard chris. haha


wrote …

That was a joke, by the way :) Dumbells is way faster!

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