Dynamic-Effort Day at Westside Barbell Part 2

By Louie Simmons with Brandon Lilly

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February 13, 2011

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In Part 2 of the Dynamic-Effort series, Louie Simmons himself gets in on the action for speed squats at Westside Barbell.

With athletes including A.J. Roberts and Luke Edwards under the bar, Brandon Lilly explains exactly what the athletes are doing in this speed workout featuring box squats with bands attached to a safety squat bar.

Back to back, the athletes get under the bar, and you can hear a rhythm developing as the plates rattle twice between clangs of the monolift. Athletes have limited rest between sets, and they’re constantly coaching each other. When a lifter gets on the bar, it’s his turn to load the posterior chain and then explode off the box with as much speed as possible.

As the lifters hammer through the sets, their speed stays more or less the same even as the plates and bands add up. Then it’s time for the final set:

“Last one, best one!”

12min 04sec

Additional reading: CrossFit Strength Training by Louie Simmons, published Feb. 1, 2011.



11 Comments on “Dynamic-Effort Day at Westside Barbell Part 2”


wrote …

Absolutely love speed day! Louie is the man!


wrote …

Another solid video.

Please keep these coming!!!!

You're right AC Louie is the man!!!


wrote …

Since incorporating these Westside methods I have PR'd all of my power lifts. Two of my trainees have also PR'd all of their power lifts. Louie is the man.


wrote …

BEASTS!!! Yall are very inspirational to watch.

I can now put a face to the name and holy crap you’re strong! You also have a skill to explain things well as you did in that other Video on speed training and on comments from Part 1 of this vid. So I ask ...

1. For dynamic work (back squats) when you guys hit a back squat on max day, if you do go up in weight do you go off your new PR % or finish the 9 weeks with what you are already doing. This question may seem familiar but you answered the part for max bench (go off raw max) but not dynamic work.

2. I know I am not getting that much stronger in a short period of time (2 months) on my PR's and prob just getting closer to my true 1 RM with Louie’s rules of no more than 3 or 4 within 90% of 1RM. But I am at 422 on back squat and 211, 232, 253 (50,55,60% respectfully) seems too easy. I want to stick with yalls plan so would it be ok if I did maybe 60,65,70% instead till I PR higher?


replied to comment from Alleem Humber


I believe that the 50-60 percent weight range for dynamic effort is if you are using your 1 rep max with GEAR. If your back squat was 422 raw then you would use the higher percentages. I think he says 75 to 85 in an earlier video but I have used 65 to 75 percent progressions and found them acceptable. It really comes down to your speed under the bar. Volume is key to I think on the squat the first week is 12x2 (65 or 75), 2nd week is 12x2 +5 percent (70 or 80), and 3rd week 10x2 +10 percent from week one (75 or 85).


wrote …

These are great videos. Thanks to Westside barbell and everyone involved.

One takeaway I got from this video is seeing how fast the barbell should be moving. In my first forays into dynamic work I using too light a load thinking the bar had to move faster than it does. Seeing first hand people doing the work is a big help.


wrote …

human strength assembly line!


wrote …

I wonder if there's a scale one can max out on that measures power? Would certainly be amazing to see the force graph over that one to two seconds on their speed day at 50% versus all other weight ranges.


wrote …

Anyone know where to buy the "safety squat bar" shown in the video?


replied to comment from Mark Dewald

Louie sells it on his website and a lot of other bars, bands and stuff.

Good video.


wrote …

It looks like they have a pretty cool thing going on at their gym. I really liked the emphasis on technique and coaching. The point was made that sometimes an athlete has to be willing to go down on his lifts in order to perfect the technique that will later enable him to perform better. That is a point more athletes need to realize and more coaches need to instill. Great video.

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